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This review will be written from a photography-enthusiast’s point of view, because I am not a professional photographer.

This will be a user experience based review, sharing on what I think and feel as I use the Olympus M.

Using very narrow aperture in combination with the full magnification factor may not yield the best performance the lens can offer.

Therefore, for serious macro shooters, various techniques have been employed to mitigate this problem, such as composite images and focus stacking, in order to avoid using highest magnification factor and also smaller aperture.

Before we go on further, allow me to explain the techniques on how I shot some of the extreme magnification images.

For general shooting where extreme magnification is not required, I used standard Auto Focus to lock my subjects.

Zuiko 60mm F2.8 macro lens perform in comparison to its older sibling, the much revered Zuiko 50mm F2 macro lens?

Before we dive right into the review, allow me to clarify a few items.

Therefore, this is not a technical review as there will not be elaborative technical explanations, which can be easily accessible from many professional review websites such as DPreview and DXOmark.

I was faced with a situation where tripod was impractical.

A practical explanation for this scenario is high likely due to diffraction phenomenon of the lens shooting at narrower aperture (F8 or narrower).

Therefore, it is extremely crucial for a macro lens to be as sharp as possible to be able to capture and resolve as much details as possible. While reviewing the images shot on the camera backscreen, it was evident that the 60mm F2.8 lens is sharper than the 50mm F2 lens, perhaps by a small margin, but the difference was visible, and there was no slight hesitation for me to have a strong impression that the 60mm was the winner.

This was just a quick mental comparison I made while I was shooting on the field, and may not be conclusive at this point, because no side by side real comparison at 100% view on gigantic computer monitor screen to justify such claims. Moiré pattern can be seen on the butterfly's eye and dragonfly's eye respectively.


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