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11 year age gap dating

They have a 6 y/o son and they have a pretty great relationship, been together about 7 years i think?Anyway, it's helped me realize that age doesn't really matter if both people are mature.I'd still date another younger girl, but I think I'd hope she was at least graduated from college and independent. We're engaged, have two kids(one from a previous relationship and one together) and are planning on getting married. It was a year before I learned a valuble lesson, that people his age who have never really had a lasting relationship are that way for a reason. Terrible with money, I supported him the whole time.I'm 23 (turning 24 in a few days) and she is 31. Everything was his way, where we lived, what we ate, how our place looked, etc.With 17 years between them, the fashion designer found love with Sarkozy, the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in November 2015. If you googled hard enough you could find parents are 20-22 years apart i can't remember the exact number. She wasn't the best looking, but she was rich, had big tits, and lived on the beach.

The couple split in 2008, then reunited and got engaged in 2010, only to part ways again later that year.

I was pissed, here I was at 25 banging a 17 year old for the first 4 months of our relationship.

I ended it after that..fucked with my life and allowed the possibility I could go to jail for sleeping with a minor.edit: re-arrange words I've been told I'm really mature for my age.

He was an alcoholic, addicted to weed (which isn't a bad thing but if you spend 0 a month on it when you don't have that it is) and smoked 2 packs a day. I'm crazy active and she keeps up for the most part.

Regardless of all this he was really sweet, and it it didn't cost him money he treated me like a queen. My wife is 12 years younger than me and it's worked out well for us. I want Sex more than she does, but that's kinda normal, especially since we have a 2.5 yr old.


  1. The Hollywood couple with a 11-year age. 46-year age gap. a couple of years of dating. The duo that had an age gap of 23 years got married.

  2. Age-gap couples Celebs with big age differences SHARE. Speaking about their 46-year age gap. 11 years his junior, in 2001 after dating for seven years.

  3. I am turning 39. He just turned 28. I fear that the age gap may be an issue down the road. Is it possible for a couple w/ 11 years of age gap

  4. This Is the Ideal Age Difference for a Lasting Relationship. who have an 11-year gap. Lively and Reynolds started dating in 2011 before marrying in 2012.

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