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2016 russian friend name dating friendship emailsmail ru

Mail website, the mobile application, or the Yandex. If you frequently send similar or identical messages (e.g., invitations or CVs), you can save them as templates.Unlike drafts, templates will not disappear once your message is sent.You can send up to 500 emails from one mailbox in a 24-hour period.

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Mail, configure the fetcher to collect messages from that mailbox to your Yandex mailbox., it means that you tried to send an email on Yandex. Check that you have a fetcher configured from that mailbox to your Yandex mailbox.Just click (below the text box) before you send it.If your recipient does not respond in 5 days, you will receive a reminder to send the message again.You won't be able to send messages from that mailbox without setting up the email importer.When you set up your mail importer, enter your complete address (instead of your username). If your mobile phone number is not linked to your mailbox, then you have to verify it first.Aliases are necessary in order to ensure that your username belongs exclusively to you.If you sign up for a Yandex account in Russia, another user in Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Ukraine will not be able to clone your mailbox with the same login.All templates are reusable, so you can easily compose template-based emails to your partners, colleagues, or friends.To create a template, open the message creation form and then click When you send an important message that needs a reply from a recipient, you can set up a reminder about resending this message.Our service is intended for actual communication between people.Every day a huge number of emails can be sent from your mailbox, which can be regarded as spam.


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