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Dating boys and fitting in with their peers will once again become a top priority for the girls. But no matter what, Cate will continue to enforce Paul's number one rule - "If you make my daughters cry, I'll make you cry." In Memory Of John Ritter (1948-2003). Each of the children, especially Bridget, realize what their father meant to them and become better people.

Family TV-show that makes you think, love, hate and believe in family and family ties.Funny, easygoing and just beloved show by millions of people around the world.Adorable characters and friendly atmosphere of this serial is quite incredible.Older daughter Bridget was very popular with boys, much to her father's dismay.The episodes were mainly about him trying to do what was best for his children, whether they liked it or not.He and his daughter argue about her behavior, clothing, and boyfriends.The second and third seasons were centered on the rest of the family, due to John Ritter's untimely death in 2003.8 Simple Rules is a comedy series staring John Ritter and Katy Segal.The series was inspired by the book "Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," by W. Paul Hennessy is a stay at home father of three children, two teenage daughters and a preteen son. His wife, Cate, is a nurse and the "voice of reason" in the family.The series also features other members of the family such as CJ, Cate's nephew; Jim Egan, Cate's father; and Maggie Barnes, CJ's mother and Cate's younger sister.The first season was focused around Paul and his daughters.


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