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Adapt evaluations to meet the needs of the student.This may involve using a reader or scribe, reformatting the test, reducing literacy rates, etc.Use technology that encourages positive repetition to reinforce themes as well as promotes new activities so that the student is not stuck doing the same activity over and over.In this manner, the student can use their inborn need to repeat things to his/her advantage as well as feel challenged to engage in new activities.It is important to create a safe, open environment so that the student feels comfortable expressing themselves verbally and may, therefore, feel less inclined to demonstrate physical characteristics that result from the affective behavior.Parental involvement is vital to the success with any student, especially a student with an emotional impairment.It is not a disease and cannot be passed on to other students.It is also not progressive so that it does not get worse.

Cognitive impairments are also referred to as mental retardation, mental handicap, developmental disability, etc.

Use computer programs that encourage students to draw conclusions and make connections so that they may better those skills (as many students with cognitive impairments struggle with reasoning, thinking, and forming ideas)An emotional impairment is the manifestation of behavioral problems primarily in the affective domain, over a period of time, which adversely affects the student’s education to the point where special education may be needed (as the student may not be able to benefit from the learning experience without it).

Furthermore, there are two specific branches of emotional impairments.

In working with students with autism in particular, they may become quickly frustrated as a result.

Be sure to accommodate for this through various teaching techniques and activities.


  1. There are many ways teachers can help children with learning and attention issues succeed in school. Here are some common accommodations and modifications to discuss with the school as possible options for your child. Presentation accommodations allow a student to. Listen to audio recordings instead of reading text

  2. Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs. Guidance for School Food Service Staff

  3. Here are additional classroom ideas for accommodating students with significant special needs Use visual cues to orient student in the classroom Volmer, 1995. Children with developmental disabilities can be much more independent when they have strong visual cues to guide them through the physical space of the classroom. You can, for example

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