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Accomodating autistic student in homework assignments

This might be the case for a student with a math disability who takes a considerably long time to solve each problem and gets extremely frustrated during homework.

There are many reasons why a child might benefit from modifications or accommodations such as difficulty focusing, difficulty sitting still, anxiety or depression, learning difficulties, etc.; however, in each case, the specific difficulties need to be related to the disability the child has. Section 504, part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, prohibits discrimination based upon disability.

Just like a student who is visually impaired would receive books written in braille or books on tape so they could learn the material, students with other kinds of disabilities or conditions benefit from accommodations and modifications as well.Accommodations/modifications are decided based on the individual needs of the child and how he is directly affected by his disability.You are a critical member of your child’s school team.The purpose of the break is to allow the student to return to work in a more productive state.Breaks could include a preferred activity (e.g., drawing, helping a younger class, resting at seat) or a movement activity like the ones mentioned above.21 School Accommodations Available to Your Child with Special Needs 1.Movement Breaks Movement breaks are often helpful for children who have trouble sitting still.Students who are considered to have a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (e.g., autism, ADHD, intellectual disability, emotional disability, learning disability), or students who have a condition diagnosed by a doctor, that impacts their ability to perform to their fullest potential in school, are generally offered accommodations and/or modifications in the school setting through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan. Whether or not your child meets criteria for a disability under IDEA is generally determined by an evaluation completed by a school psychologist.Sometimes other professionals such as a speech/language clinician or hearing specialist perform evaluations in school as well.While accommodations give the student an alternative or more effective way of learning the material, a modification is a reduction in the amount of material or a change to the material itself.Here are some more examples: Accommodation: A student has a learning disability in reading so his teachers read math word problems aloud to him.


  1. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD usually. child. This team works together throughout the school year helping achieve as many of their goals as possible. Regular classroom teachers juggle many tasks, especially when trying to modify. Accommodating Children With Autism Within an Inclusive Setting. ○.

  2. Nov 5, 2017. Modification A student is given 10 math problems for homework, although the. Extended Time for Tests, Projects, Assignments and Quizzes.

  3. Assignment modifications allow a student to Complete fewer or different homework problems than peers; Write shorter papers; Answer fewer or different test.

  4. Accommodations for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Power cards for typical conversational situations read the paper; Advanced home work to take away the need to think and be social. Provide accomodations with this in mind.

  5. Still, there are a few things that teachers of students on the autism spectrum can do to. to remind students about upcoming due dates, future assignments, reflections on something that happened. Assignments and Homework. • Use Task.

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