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Accomodating lens replacement

Sparklz puts her thumb over the rhinestone at the same time to keep it from flying away.

Sometimes brushing is all that is needed, if so, stop there. A bit of Windex Glass & Surface cleaner (cuts the grease and doesn't have any waxes in it) or similar product or mildly soapy water sprayed onto a VERY SOFT, worn-out toothbrush, or a soft T-shirt type material.

85740-5297 Telephone 520-907-2839 (Sorry, Sparklz does not do repair work) Sparklz will attempt to explain some of the techniques, tools, pitfalls, and sources for the repair and cleaning of costume jewelry and related items.

Moisture includes sweat, water, glass cleaner, and anything else that is wet, including "natural" cleanin solutions.

Be careful of those aurora borealis stones..will scratch.

Sometimes the cloth is easier, faster, and you don't have to worry as much about excess moisture.


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