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It was amazing and being so close up and seeing everyone from the Kinks, ELO, T REX, Badfinger, Chuck Berry, Loggins and Messina, Bee Gees, New York Dolls, Anne Murray, Little Richard etc. For it's guzzle, guzzle, guzzle as it trickles down your nuzzle, Drink up and never go dry!

So have one more, as the cops break down your door, In the cellars of old Burbank High!

Dad actually did quite well for a man who worked hard all his life. I got a chance to go into a management job with a medical implant manufacturer in Memphis in 1968.

Good old Lockheed gave our families a good living for many years but it was never beautiful.

And, after all, the web site is named "Burbankia," right? In World War II we had a still-vacant lot on the corner, so the government induced us to allow a good-sized anti-aircraft gun bunker on the property.

I'm looking for things like using old Lockheed linen for dresses, or Love From Above - stuff like that. Soldiers staffed it each day and put up with constant visits from my sister and me. We had a view of the Lockheed plant in the background and the railroad tracks and the Burbank wash and the big parking lot (which I was amused to see is now filled in with new homes). I remember my youth in the corner house when the night and early morning trains used to shake the house and sounded as though they were going through our living room!

Even in the war when the entire complex was draped with miles of camoflage netting.

I have photos of me as a boy and it looks like there are low-lying hills and trees in the background.


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