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In some applications this could lead to very noticeably sluggish performance.

So you should probably use an MVC controller if you absolutely need something from the users session and avoid the unncesessary performance penalty of enabling it for Web Api.

To be able to work out how your product or service can help men and women you may possibly want to make a list of all of the benefits that your product has.

After you have your list the next thing you will need to do is figure out what each of these advantages has for your customers.

Your use of Stack Overflow’s Products and Services, including the Stack Overflow Network, is subject to these policies and terms. If you're accessing session data inside a Web Api project it can have very serious performance consequence - I have seen ASP. This could add up and become disastrous if you have many concurrent requests.

Make sure you are locking down resources per user - an authenticated user shouldn't be able to retrieve data from your Web Api that they don't have access to.

You can easily test this out for yourself by just putting in a Web API method and enable Session.

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However, if two concurrent requests are made for the same session (by using the same Session ID value), the first request gets exclusive access to the session information.Pick a domain name which provides your prospects a description of what they are looking for.By including the actual keywords in your domain name as well as including them in your advertising messages as well as your web page content you can't help but flood traffic to your website!If you need a session forget rest, sessions are irrelevant in REST based designs.If you need a session for validation then use a token or authorise by IP addresses.The second request executes only after the first request is finished.(The second session can also get access if the exclusive lock on the information is freed because the first request exceeds the lock time-out.) If the Enable Session State value in the @ Page directive is set to Read Only, a request for the read-only session information does not result in an exclusive lock on the session data.The actual job of your domain name would be to resemble some sort of headline to drive targeted visitors to your site by getting the people who see it, to want to check it out.The ideal wording and phrasing in your domain name is vitally important as you actually want your customers to be curious by the domain name.When your domain name answers a problem that your customers may have you are going to find that the traffic will be incredibly targeted.Researching your key word for your domain name is an extremely important part of this process, mainly because you would like to make sure that what ever phrase targeting actually get searched for.


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