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Advice dating independent woman

Women secretly love a little bit of dirty talk, so be sure you slip in some naughty words every now and then! While you want to share these things with your lover, you don’t want to make her feel insecure.[Read: 20 sexy texts to start a sexy conversation] #4 “Not as _____ as you! Odds are, she’s going to want to hear all the juicy gossip from your past relationships, and you will likely indulge her. If she goes down the questionable road of “how was she in bed? ” You need to hone the art of the little white lie: cup her cheek and sexily say: “Not as gorgeous/sexy/kinky/awesome as you! If that doesn’t work, then another great word you need to learn is…This is a way to show your girlfriend you’re going to treat her right tonight.It’ll get you major brownie points that will have her wearing a different kind of “something sexy” later that night! Sure, women want to hear that they’re gorgeous and that they’re a great girlfriend and that they’re awesome in everything they do.To all the fellas out there: you might think you’ve got all the right moves, but there are always new tricks to be learned when it comes to schmoozing your lady love.It’s no secret that men are visual and physical creatures.Girlfriend keeps asking questions about your ex that will inevitably just hurt her feelings? Wife overloading you with social plans after a hard work week? Daughter giving you those puppy-dog eyes for mall money you just don’t have? It may seem difficult at first, but saying no in certain circumstances sets a balanced pattern for the future.#6 “Wear something sexy.” Whether you leave a sticky note on the fridge or call your lover up on the phone, telling her to wear something sexy denotes a definite date night scenario – and women love, love, love a date night!

[Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you] #8 Anything in French.Here’s a sampling of what my readers had to say: “This was on point.I love it because it’s so true.” – But ladies, the guys felt just as passionately about this subject.And truth be told, there will probably be some times where you feel like you’ve done nothing wrong, yet you’ll apologize anyway.That’s because you’re an awesome guy who wants to let his girlfriend know that a bruised ego is a worthy price to pay to keep your relationship intact.#5 “No.” Whether you’re a boyfriend, a husband, or a dad, you probably have a habit of giving in to the princess in your life.That’s sweet and all, but there are definitely circumstances where you need to learn to put your foot down.Here are some things you should learn to say more, so that your girl has a treasure trove filled with these swoon-worthy lines.#1 “I’m sorry.” Apologizing is unfortunately a difficult and tricky business. Nobody likes to be wrong, and submitting to an apology can sometimes make our skin crawl.Call it the language of love or call them arrogant, either way if you’ve heard anyone speak fluent French, then you know exactly how sexy it sounds.Every man -I don’t care who you are- should learn a little something seductive in French.


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