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His family will also buy a cake and celebrate our girls birthdays even when we are not there with them, other than that i would say his family celebrate new years more than anything xx My husband didn't have much growing up and said it wasn't a cultural thing to celebrate birthdays...20 or 30 years ago.Now, it's common for children to have a birthday cake.We don't teach them or in general speak them about religious topics.And one last thing, you should make a clear distinction between Albanian culture and religion(s). Visi My partner is albanian and is not religious and don't think i have ever come across any particular religion whilst in albania.I was wondering if you could tell me about anything u think is important for me to know.I dont know what happens at weddings or if anything else could be different..

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You might have heard that most of the population in albania is muslim, (less than 70%), and the rest (~30%) is Roman catholic and Cristian orthodox.

As for the grown ups, I don't know many that celebrate their birthday.

It took a few years for my husband to get use to the idea of him having a cake and presents.

Thanks xx i think different areas have different customs all over albania.

My partner is from Vlore which is a busy resort and fairly laid back although i have been to different parts of albania where the customs/beliefs are slightly different.


  1. Days ago. Albania has one of the oldest wine-making traditions in Europe, dating back to the Bronze Age. During the Roman and Byzantine periods, the.

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