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An investment model prediction of dating infidelity

This song debunks the idea that infidelity is an accident by reminding us of that moment when we know better.

Just like the song trumpets, you “could have another but probably should not” and if you stay you “might not leave alone.” It is then that you have a choice to make.

Those who have been previously divorced, ironically, tend to have a higher likelihood of unfaithfulness (36).

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Infidelity displays a seasonal pattern that peaks in the summer months (1).

National surveys estimate that sexual infidelity hovers around 21-23% for men and 15-19% for women.

When emotional affairs or inappropriate physical contact is involved, those totals can increase by 10-15 % for men and women (22,25,32).

The final solution includes seven factors that explained 57.21% of the variance.

Within the confirmatory factor analysis, three models were analyzed: a model with seven uncorrelated factors, a model with seven correlated factors and a model with six uncorrelated factors.


  1. Summer has only just begun, but I’m going ahead and calling it The best relationship song of Summer 2015 is Andy Grammer’s Honey, I’m Good. Not only is this song ripe with catchy beats that make you want to clap your hands and sing along, but it’s an anthem for fidelity and commitment.

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  3. ABSTRACT. Individuals with an unrestricted sociosexual orientation SO are less committed to their romantic relationships and more likely to engage in infidelity.

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  5. As the authors point out in their paper, the participants in this study were college students involved in dating relationships, so the results may not apply to the detection of infidelity in longer-term committed relationships or marriages.

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