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She’s an outsider at first but manages to become accepted by the group before beginning to chat privately with a twenty-seven-year-old who goes by the handle jobe when hanging out in Twelve.

So their cyber world is translated into another fantasy dimension.It begins with the two of them at their computers typing, their conversation projected behind them.Eventually, the video projection stops and they start talking directly to one another, but their dialogue is written as a script of a chat, as though they were still typing.The modem’s ubiquitously loud hiss, amplified over the computer speakers, was the sound of the was the information superhighway. AOL denied me my avatar of choice, just as it did for millions of other Americans.In its infinite wisdom, AOL invariably suggested a four or five-digit number following any screenname.For two new pieces—an e-book and a play—Hirsch mines her childhood memories of engaging with a pedophile online in the late ’90s.Twelve, published by Klaus_e Books, will be available soon as an i Pad app.For example, I translated a cybersex session into a scene for the stage, but it doesn’t translate into actual or simulated sex. He never asks Anni where she lives; he never tries to persuade her to meet with him. And as I started to talk openly about it over the past year, a lot of people, especially women my age, have said, “I did that too.” Many of us have had similar, crazy experiences that we’re just starting to deal with and understand.So, for me, re-creating the AOL environment that was the context for this relationship is not about romanticizing an aesthetic.Dig into that forgotten desk drawer and you’ll find dozens of America Online CD’s stashed alongside floppy disks, joysticks, and tape drives. Billions of AOL CD’s now sit in landfills, Geocities is offline, and no one has used a floppy disc in years.But in the mid-90’s, when I came of age, the Internet was more a curiosity than a necessity.


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