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This helped us very much, because finaly we felt that we could understand WHY the other person felt something and WHY my girlfriend couldn't speak at times, it's because of something known as "mutism" which is prevalent in females with aspergers and it's a rare thing in males. Then we spent the day talking about the past year, sharing laughs and some frowns.I recommend reading the book, for anyone who is dating a girl with aspergers or if you are female yourself it can be a very nice read, to get to know yourself better. She gave me the best present I've ever received, a handcrafted book, with our year from her perspective. my parents wanted to talk to me when i was younger about things like what is wrong or w/e uncomfortable shit, and i just sat there for two hours staring into the table and not talking, i kinda wanted too i remember but not a word came out, would that be mutism?I was sitting outside with his housemates when it started, and for at least 15 minutes all I could do was sit there and listen.

So what we did was to buy this book and it granted us a deeper insight into how aspergers works in females.I try to always be there for her so that if anything bothers her or if any sensory issues occur I can be there to help her.She loves her routines and gets a bit upset if they get disturbed, but I honestly wouldn't want anyone else in the world but her.And later the complex lessons about false red flags, or as i think of them, yellow flags (slow down and think/investigate/communicte flags)I have had this problem a lot. He's started to explain them to me and help me "identify creepers", and now I'm starting to get it.But I have had lots of people take advantage of me because my default is to trust everyone and assume that they have good intentions.Love you /u/incorrect-english Hey dude, just want to say you seem like a cool person from this post (and her mentions of you), and I see a lot of her posts on this sub which make her seem like a really cool person as well. I have Aspergers and I'm a female dating a guy.We have so much in common and he says I'm the easiest girlfriend he's ever had.I had an abusive relationship and neither of my ex boyfriends understood me.It's always good for anyone to read up on red flags when dating and learning about emotional abuse and emotional manipulation so we all know what to look out for when dating and entering a relationship.For example, last Saturday I was out with my best friend and his two housemates.We went out for dinner then drinks at a bar afterwards.


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  4. Site find. Dating aspie girls. I asked my wife what tips she would give dating a Aspie at Breakfast today based on this post.

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