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Our Sultan's business done, we had remained at the kingdom of Pasht for several days of pleasure; he and the other Sultan were in the great hall having a feast, many dancers, jugglers and other entertainers present for their amusement.

The food was excellent, though we just stayed at the smaller stools behind our Sultan, watching the jugglers and musicians.

Both Sari and I were stunned at this display of affection between a woman and an animal, but we were to be shocked further...

After stroking and kissing him on the face, she undid her wrap, letting it fall to the ground, from where a slave immediately picked it up.

I remembered that it was thick, the flesh a dark, mottled black, and very, very long....

After letting him do this for a sufficient amount of time, she ended their embrace and walked around to his side, stroking his hide as she went, her fingers tracing their way over his body.

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Peering closer despite myself, I saw his manhood actually beginning to emerge, and I averted my gaze again."Ohhh, look," Sari said, touching my arm.I presumed we were due for an orgy, but I was soon to be proven wrong; no, what we saw that night was far, far more unnatural than even the most licentious orgy I had ever seen."My lord," the other Sultan said to ours, "do you enjoy entertainments of a carnal nature?""Certainly,""Do you desire to watch some of the most unique displays my kingdom has to offer?She now wore only her loincloth, her flesh now exposed to our view.Lifting her arms for him, the stallion began snuffling at her naked breasts, their nipples becoming tipped with desire as his huge, leathery snout brushed back and forth across her nipples, lingering in the space between them, and then delving into her armpits, his nostrils quivering with obvious interest.There were also close to twenty mastiffs, two goats, a water buffalo, a boar, a camel, one very small, undoubtedly very young elephant, and a hideous creature the likes of which I had never seen before, which was hairless and gray and had one large horn on its nose.All of the women were pretty, and none of wore more than a simple wrap and a loincloth, except for two, both of them standing near the rear of the hall, both wearing robes and heavy veils to cover their features.The girl walked to the horse, and as she led it into the center of the hall, two slaves were setting up a large, wooden table there, its top and rim padded, as if for someone to lay atop of.I still had no idea what sort of perversions I was about to witness."Most certainly,""Very good," he clapped his hands, and several women filed in, leading many male slaves.They were followed in by more slaves carrying a huge, square box which was maybe twenty feet across, the whole thing covered with a thick curtain all the way around so its contents couldn't be seen.


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