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Who gets the contacts, which contact folder do we use and what happens if users already have contacts for their co-workers? Doing this one at a time to define your Smart Phone population has two problems..

By adding the GAL contacts to someones default contact folder they will appear in the Smart Phone address book. However, what if end users don't want hundreds or thousands of company contacts mixed with their personal contacts?

Phone, address and other text fields to users existing contacts are done daily.

Even if someone adds an empty contact with an email address, most of the blanks get filled in.

In most cases, the solution is to merge the GAL information into the existing contact to avoid creating duplicates.

This blog is focused on support and deployment of itrezzo Unified Contact Management which can prvoide that capability.

If you are going to automate this process, you need a mechanism to define which contacts from the GAL are desired.

Does your company already have an Exchange Distribution group called “All Employees” or something similar?

Correct it in AD and everyone gets the right number.

Is there information you don't want to publish in the GAL but wanted on Smart Phones? Will HR object to pushing home information to Smart Phones?


  1. Epicenter Server syncs your Exchange GAL with your iPhone. or the smartphone if you have wireless sync with BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Exchange.

  2. Mirroring the Global Address List on Blackberries. public / team / shared calendar to Blackberry using BES? 0. Global Address List/GAL/OAB Not Updating.

  3. This is because BES can only look at one GAL. That’s right, you heard me correct, only one GAL. Don’t fret, there is a way around this.

  4. Many businesses and IT departments are looking forward to deploying Microsoft® Exchange 2013. Flexible options, hybrid deployments, cloud offerings, and efficiencies.

  5. Thought I would post this, seeing as it happens and people cannot seem to find the answer. Of course I refer to appointments not syncing from BB to

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