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Bindingnavigator validating event Granny chat dal vivo

There are also a lot other features on visual studio/.NET , which i will try to describe on this blog time to time.You can host Windows Forms to gather the user's information.Additionally, the user's e-mail address is validated in the Validating event of the Text Box and the Error Provider object is used to give the user feedback if the data fails validation.Validate() validates the value of the controls that is loosing focus if automatic validation is turned on. End Edit(), its send the changes to the data source(not the database yet) which stored on volatile memory. Update(my Data Set), this is the actual method, that is responsible to send changes to database.Here you can update a whole dataset or only a table or even only one or couple of rows, it has several overloaded method for each type.

Raises the Invalidated event with a specified region of the control to invalidate.(Inherited from Control.) to the object to display the properties for.

One of those features is to help developers creating a desktop form based application very easily just by following couple of steps, without writing a single line of c# code, not even a single query. NET/visual studio has made our lives easier and have relived us from writing boring same code again and again.

This is very much help full of the inventory based application for manipulating items information. Now Notice That, If you click add, it will give you an empty form to fill up, you can edit the filed data also. This is the section we are going into real coding, as right before now, we didn’t have to write a single line of code at all.

Raises the Invalidated event with a specified region of the control to invalidate.(Inherited from Control.) gives you the ability to create controls that can be used in multiple places within an application or organization.

You can include all the code needed for validation of common data you ask the user to input; some examples of this are e-mail addresses (see Example section), telephone numbers, and postal codes.


  1. New Circular Progress Bar item and control added with 5 progress indication styles and end-less and min, max progress types; New CheckBoxX. CheckValueUnchecked.

  2. Tutorial to create a database driven windows application where data can be inserted,edited,deleted and traversed, with c# code examples.

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