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Blue screen of death after updating video driver

I have a BFG GTX 260 video card, when I turn it on in normal mode it show blue screen but when I turn it on in safe mode it works fine, my motherboard (MSI K9N2 Diamond) has 3 PCI-Ex slots I tried all of them but it still crashes.

The registry is a very sensitive area and a person really exactly what you accomplish I recommending using a software to solve registry risks.There are broken links, corrupt applications, and miss file paths that need to be repaired.Taking care of your registry is a step anyone should take to fix most Microsoft error communication.To the surprise, the computer may be running programs that may not be there anymore.Sometimes, you may discover that files are corrupted during uninstallations. The means to all these problems and more lies in making use of a fix slow compter.Blue Screen Error Meaning Blue Screen Error Meaning Windows registry or windows system registry is a part of a windows operating system.It is a database defined and maintained by the unit and it stores configuration information.Is there a way to fix windows registry error or is reformatting the system a possibility out as some believe? Now the fourth thing you are able to to Fix PC Error involves updating the drivers and operating system. However, if the work know the way to do them, you is actually going to frustrated and think that the computer is permanently dinged.Blue Screen Error Meaning But for majority people, the very best techniques in order to be to apply accessibility pieces of equipment. If you have been interested in how generate your computer faster, then you need to maintain reading because the following paragraphs will explore the things that you ought to do to let your PC more rapid.Windows applications write information into this registry while being installed and fetch information from it if they are run.Evidently, an error free system is important for the smooth running of a computer. Dll Error With A Skilled Dll Error Fixer There are a few things you can do when you need to clean the computer.


  1. I am sorry to hear that have had problems updating Intel Graphics Driver. This may indicate that your computer manufacturer does not allow the installation of generic Intel video drives.

  2. Blue screen of death BSOD after installing nvidia driver in windows 7 64 bit solved Windows 10 Blue screen's after installing graphics drivers. solved Getting blue/white screens after installation of graphics driver

  3. If you see a black screen after that, and the mouse is still usable, then you can easily go to the Windows desktop by using Windows Key + D. Disabling The Driver Update That Caused The Black Screen Problem

  4. Why Blue Screen of Death Occurs after Windows 10 Creators Update Though the causes of Blue Screen of Death can't be simply generalized, still there are some common causations for Windows 10 blue screen straits.

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