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Bone dating techniques

The % collagen yield value should not be used as a unique identifier of bone collagen quality because it can be very misleading.

The C: N, %C and %N results are much better indicators of good collagen.

When requesting for an estimate/quotation, please indicate the currency, number of samples, service requested/turnaround time (AMS standard or priority), type (non-heated, fully charred or cremated bones) and the billing address.

Bones – Good cortical bone is best from the larger bones of the body (femur, tibia, upper arm bone, jaw, skull plate and sometimes the ribs).

For bones, we provide conventional collagen extraction techniques and subsequent ultrafiltration methods if requested.

The pretreatment of non-cremated bone samples starts with the extraction of collagen, which is the material that is dated.

Assessment of quality is supported by visual observation of the collagen and its extraction.

To assess the quality of the preserved collagen, the sample is demineralized in dilute/cold acid to eliminate all apatite and carbonate after physically or chemically removing the outer exposed surfaces.

The collagen is then dissected and inspected for rootlets.


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  4. Carbon dating human bones and teeth is one of the services provided by. For bones, we provide conventional collagen extraction techniques and subsequent.

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