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The evidence presented in this book concerning the origins and antiquity of the monuments of the Giza necropolis suggests that the genesis and original planning and layout of the site may be dated, using the tools of modern computer-aided , to the epoch of 10,500 BC.

We are at a loss to explain this apparent failure of scholarship and are equally unable to understand why there has been no move to extract and carbon-date further samples of the Great Pyramids mortar in order to test Lehners potentially revolutionary results., depending on which sample you note, suggest that the Egyptological chronology is anything from 200 to 1200 years off.You can look at this almost like a bell curve, and when you cut it down the middle you can summarize the results by saying our dates are 400 to 450 years too early for the Old Kingdom Pyramids, especially those of the Fourth Dynasty Now this is really radical I mean itll make a big stink.It is important to note that we do not date the construction of the Great Pyramid to 10,500 BC.On the contrary, we point out that its internal astronomical alignments -the star-shafts of the Kings and Queens Chambers -are consistent with a completion date during ancient Egypts Old Kingdom, somewhere around 2500 BC.That 5 inches of so carefully left stone is the stumbling block to such a supposition.And again, one at any rate of them I am convinced from its appearance - so clean and white as the day it was made - cannot have any connection with the external atmosphere.Such a date should, in itself, be uncontroversial since it in no way contradicts the scholarly consensus that the monument was built by Khufu, the second Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, who ruled from 2551 -2528 BC.What places our theory in sharp contradiction to the orthodox view, however, is our suggestion that the mysterious structures of the Giza necropolis may all be the result of an enormously long-drawn-out period of architectural elaboration and development- a period that had its genesis in 10,500 BC, that came to an end with the completion of the Great Pyramid come 8000 years later in 2500 BC, and that was guided throughout by a unified master-plan.With funding from the Edgar Cayce Foundation, collected fifteen samples of ancient mortar from the masonry of the Great Pyramid.These samples of mortar were chosen because they contained fragments of organic material which, unlike natural stone, would be susceptible to carbon-dating.


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