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The first edition is a treasure, is a liqueur, almost an essence. Nowadays (or what is still on the markets because it was discontinued this year) is a pale clone of the real Star it was before. And welcome all the craps YSL is producing nowadays. 10/10 I have an irrational fear the sometime VERY soon we will lose Cinema. The almond, vanilla, and amber were very smooth and sensual without being too sweet. All about push-up bras with tons of cleavage, big eyeliner, and lots of hair, the fragrance yet manages to have a sober elegance all the same.A very lucky blind buy indeed :) Such an elegant, warm and classy scent! Cinema is long-lasting scent, with moderate sillage. The white flowers rounded things out nicely, and I remember it being sexy but not too heavy. It's the heavy blast of cheap hairspray and mandarin that shouts her presence and gives a really Southern European balmy summer sexy feel, but the golden almondy floral heart reveals her strength of character.I guess I will have to hunt down a place to test it out of the "real" bottle tester to compare to mine...??? I really was happy with the scent...I will try again.. Nope, this has a very sharp chemical/synthetic edge and it's so very syrupy. Has anyone tried the discontinued parfum concentrate of Cinema?It might smell better on others, my skin can really bring out sweetness and sharp chemical notes in perfumes sometimes, which is why I gravitate towards softer, more natural perfumes, but this seriously smells like something you'd find at the drugstore to me. Which I guess is great if it works on you, but it just prolonged my misery lol. I can imagine it being basically the above, with stronger mid to base notes and less top notes.RIP Cinema :( My review is for the current formulation.I blind bought this fragrance because of the glowing reviews.And while I admit that I would like to be in place where I can just borrow Elle from my mom, I would actually like to own Cinema. Though, i will give it a second chance due to good reviews here. I was gifted a small 1m L decant of this by a very generous friend and I adore it.Even though the ad says it's for glamorous women who boast Hollywood scale social life, I believe that in 2017 that translates that it is even for those who like GOING to the cinema. The dust of the movie theater even though these new ones are sprayed and sterilized all day long. The gold of the movie screen, the romantic date, and definitely an autumn evening stroll. I liked the name, but the scent seemed soo boring to me! This is so devastatingly hard to find offline and it's devastating. I get extraordinary longevity and a soft sillage, so it's not likely to offend. I spritzed it on my arm, I I get the citrus/vanilla nice combo.

This dries down to an aldehydic white floral which bears some similarity to Chanel No5 (due to the aldehydes), but is peachier, in a sophisticated way, and more modern. Could suit any age - the fruitiness keeps it youthful, but the aldehydes give it a classic feel. For me, Cinema is a fairly simple citrus-vanilla-amber fragrance - I don't really get much of the floral - but its simplicity is what makes it so graceful. It's really quite sweet and syrupy, it almost reminds me of some sort of liqueur, maybe Amaretto with the almond note...It is pleasant but in my opinion not worth the hype.Cinema smells like a well crafted celebrity fragrance.let me start with what i still remember from cinema when it first launched... well it dissapoint me :( the reformulation killed the scent, now it's an alcohol mess that smells like a cheap hair spray with no projection... this is a classic in the house perfume history and yet they killed it! they are a luxury brands so one should expect their perfumes to be expensive!i don't get why all the high fashion houses insist on killing their perfumes with reformulation?! gotta hand it to new perfumers who r making niche perfumes that worth every penny!The top note is delicate and softly fresh (clementine, almond blossom and cyclamen). The drydown is warm, opulent, and balsamic with amber, musk and sweet powdery vanilla. Still, it's sad to see another beauty discontinued, I guess I will have to stock up... With all the stocking up I have to do of discontinued perfumes I'm running out of space! And it's the only one out of all my perfumes where people ask what I'm wearing.Im a bit worried to read the reviews saying Cinema is not too good these days. All i smell is cheap tangerine and almond blossom with some sharp musky/peppery note that I can really only describe as chemical/plastic, with a strong whiff of alcohol.My bottle I purchased sometime ago is DIVINE and I felt as if I had waited my whole life to smell such a glorious scent. I think I will still get a couple of bottles as I know its a discontinued fragrance. It smells like a dollar store knockoff body spray but I know my bottle is real, the only thing it has in common with other expensive perfumes is that it's strong, but that just adds to how cloying and sickeningly sweet it is.Just be warned, if you're looking for a soft vanilla-floral, this is NOT it. Warm, sweet and comfortable yellow flowers and vanilla scent with a touch of almond blossom. But I'm looking for reviews from people who have tried it!When I joined Fragrantica years ago this perfume was lauded on all over the forums. The opening sucks you in with the sour tang of a juicy citric fruit in the same way that Versace Bright Crystal does (is that the peony/citrus combo? The opening note stays for an impressively long time but the transition to base is kind of awkward. Cinema is a very special scent, the top notes kind of sparkle (the pop of paparazzi flash bulbs) delicious clementine orange and almond followed by musky vanilla and jasmine (the long sensual walk down the red carpet) which leads to the delicious amber benzoin base (exclusive after party) the silage is great, I am enveloped an a soft vanilla amber cloud... Update after wearing: After I've worn this a while and it reaches it's dry down, it becomes a much warmer scent, almost cozy. I'm very pleased to have picked this up for a heavily discounted price, bottle is just stunning. Its a true floral oriental, what I would call early 90s floral oriental.


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