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Cherry blossum dating

These new additions to the Dioramansion series are 150mm x 150mm in size which works great with Nendoroid figures!

Japan is known around the world for its cherry blossom festivals.

Smaller celebrations can be enjoyed throughout the US and Europe.

If you want to learn more about the cherry blossom before you visit Japan, try visiting one of the many places in the United States known for these flowers, such as Washington, D. The capital city is host to the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

If you do not like the crowd at one blossom viewing, you can easily go to a neighborhood park, garden, or other quiet place to view the blossoms instead.

Because cherry blossoms are beautiful and fleeting -- the blooms often last no more than two weeks -- they have become symbolic for the impermanence of beauty.

Arguably no country celebrates the cherry blossom with the excitement of Japan, but the country is hardly the only place on earth with a large assortment of these flowers.

Hanami is also celebrated to a lesser extent in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

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Many people will go stake out a spot early in the morning or even a day in advance.Gorgeous flowers are the main attractions of cherry blossom festivals, but the variety of traditional Japanese performing arts presented during these festivals also draw in the crowds.Joining tea ceremonies held under cherry trees can be a memorable experience as well.Displaying figures with a special display often makes a collection look more appealing, but at the same time preparing a special display case is a huge amount of effort.We heard the cries for an easier display option and created this Dioramansion series of display backgrounds!It's also fun to patronize festival vendors who sell various foods and souvenirs, such as regional crafts and speciality food in the region.It's notable that many cherry blossom festivals put on light-up events in the evening. C., the arrival of spring brings a splash of color as the city’s iconic cherry trees burst into bloom.The city has enjoyed cherry blossoms each year dating back to 1912, when Japan gave about 3,000 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship.Most of them are held from March to May, though other regions organize festivals during January, February, and June, depending on their location.Festival dates are usually determined with reference to cherry blossom forecasts and vary from year to year.


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