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Chun and ella dating

However, a third person came into the picture and she broke it off with him.

Later, Ella filmed Hana Kimi and feelings towards Wu Zun then came up and the two are seemingly now dating.

Pieczenik says Huma is working for Saudi Intelligence and should never have been given top secret security clearance after only living in America for 2 years and becoming Hillary's intern at 19 while Willy was in the White House doing his Willy thing.5.

The Weinergate emails now includes a new avenue of criminality, hitherto not mentioned, that involves both Willy and Hilly ~ pedophilia.

Ella and Chun ‘flirting’ at ball game (This word flirting actually means teasing each other in a fun way that shows they are more than just friends)S. E’s Ella and male lead Wu Zun in Hana Kimi don’t only have chemistry on the set, but have feelings off set as well.

John said (November 4, 2016): Anthony Weiner served as major Cog towards electing Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, which means Trump will be able to sell any manufactured downfall of America on his watch rather than on Hillary Clinton's watch.

Last night, when the two met up at the NBA games, they did so very openly.

The game started at , but since Wu Zun was busy promoting his new drama, Romantic Princess, Ella arrived early at 7 to save him a spot.

The host of the event then suggested to Ella that she could look to Wu Chun for lessons and she asked in return, “Doesn’t Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead?

” It was only then she realized that the Brunei’s Malay and Malaysia’s Malay are fairly similar.


  1. According to C. E. F. C.and Ella aren't dating they kinda like have a brother and sister relationship.

  2. According to C. E. F. C.and Ella aren't dating they kinda like have a brother and sister relationship. jerry and ella is really close

  3. Isn't its obvious. of course they are dating but they are just denying it because they want their relationship to keep in private.that's all.

  4. Best Answer i know they're such a good couple they both said they had good chemistry during hana kimi and wu chun said that ella has all the.

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