Cigar dating

When I received the package it was the first thing I noticed. Early on I was keeping up with my cigars on a spreadsheet but it didn't last long. It going to be a personal preference of what you like and what you don't like and you never know what that is if you did not have the opportunity to trade with a cosmopolitan group of individuals that you come to know on Cigar Smokers the greatest board in the world.... I am still fascinated when I see an experienced smoker make a comment like, "this cigar would be amazing with a few years of age".Heh I can understand some people's repulsive responses to cigar smoking, but the bad smells are often signs of a poor quality of cigar, uneven burning, and half burnt tobacco in the foot which ruins the aroma and the draw (taste) of the cigar.Sulfur based matches, zippo lighter fulids are all suspect to altering the character of the cigar. I mean lets look at it this way, cigar smoking is the wine tasting of tobacco.

The list goes on and on Queen Victoria didnt smoke cigars but always kept a lit Haumpman Fuente in her hands whereever she went, appearnly she liked the Aroma.

I started a couple years back with swishers and thought they were good for a while.

Then I moved to the cheap and very foul smelling machine rolled Churchhill rejects.

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Yes, I find a attractive, classy lady smoking a cigar to be very sexy as long as it isn't one of those big, fat cigars.


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  2. The Journeymen Cigar Makers' International Union of. Union stamps underwent frequent changes and are an excellent help to collectors in the dating of cigar boxes.

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