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this happens to me on occasion but its only when im drifting into sleep but im still barely awake.About a week ago i heard loud screaming and i was staring at the celing and i was trying to move but couldnt.However, as i grew up (and tend to get less superstitious), curiosity hit me and was very sure that there was a scientific explanation behind this. There are a lot of information about SP (for example;causes,prevention,etc.) that you can gain through the net. it happened lastnight aswell but it was soo weird dis tym,, :/ it happend first which im used of but then again i think like 3tymz,every tym it did it i woke up with my heart racing like mad, and i was really scared,soo glad to hear im not alone in dis,lol :-) happened to me recently and this thing tried to have sex with me..had on one occasion but since ive been cleansing and having a better/closer relationship with GOD - I pray to Him and the spirit leaves immediately.I now know what to do and Im ok - I dont fear the the spirit anymore.You are right to emphasize relaxation, but incorrect in your rationale. last night was different though I actually felt a body beside me that wrapped their arms around me and started to squeeze and I couldnt breath, couldnt scream, couldnt open my eyes, couldnt move.

I hope my story and imformation helped some of you and good luck.

And, right before I awaken, I see a very horrifying face like from the excorsist. One of the scariest parts though is that my ears roar really loudly like if gun shots were just shot off to the right.

I'm 13 and this has been happening to me since I was 12 or so and when I asked my doctor about this problem so called sleep paralysis, he said it's just basically night terrors.

i usually hear conversations with voices ive never heard in my life. I found out that if i play music until i sleep it doesnt happen. Well I'm here to tell you that you are not alone on this I just got out in the state in being in sleep paralysis I.

Kid you not, and yes trust me it feels bad but it eventually wears off, a good way to react to it is move around like for example move your fingers arms and head it works for me :), this may sound funny but I kicked out of a sleeping paralysis I don't know how I did it but I just gave it all I got and boom I freed myself, don't be afraid to talk about it share amongst your close friends and faily you are not alone on this god bless you and take care! I can feel bad things around me, i hear this swooshing sound above me. when it happened i feel like somebody try to rape me or somebody wants me to follow his/her sometimes i can hear stupid sounds. i just want to get out of it i cant tolerate it m very stressed because of this hi my name is joe and i have experienced this too on numerous occasions.


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