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Costa rica dating sitse

While it should be obvious by now that I am not an expert on dating, in any language, I have nonetheless learned a thing or two about romantic idiosyncrasies.Even with some level of convergence, dating in Costa Rica and the United States is a game with slightly different rules. The word for “date” in Spanish () is the same word you would use for a medical appointment.After all, the “Chanto is a lawyer and policy wonk trying to survive international bureaucracy in Washington, D. Real Estate MLS Costa Rica Real Estate MLS Guanacaste Real Estate Puntarenas Real Estate Limon Costa Rica Real Estate Costa Rica Real Estate Flamingo Beach Costa Rica Nicaragua Real Estate MLS Nicaragua Propiedades (Spanish) Ecuador Real Estate MLS The following information is a very general guide and by no means is meant to be considered fact or relied upon.There is even a dating site dedicated to proposing ideas for first dates, ranging from “how about we make grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast” to “how about we run six miles uphill at 5 a.m.” For years, Costa Ricans have shunned the use of dating sites.

I believe it might also be related to the size of the country and the tightness of our social networks: because we adhere to the cliché that everyone in Costa Rica knows everyone else, we feel awkward interacting personally with someone we have never met, and with whom we have no friends in common.That being said, I believe dating is one of the most curious rituals we observe on a regular basis.Here is a rite where two people, who typically don’t know each other, attempt to provide and obtain information relevant to mating while conversing in a public place. Because we do not want it to feel like an audition and because we shy away from intensity, we try to combine it with other activities: eating, drinking or going to a movie.Since we normally kiss, hug and compliment the way others look, even when we are not trying to pursue someone romantically, it is less strange to do so when you are actually out on a date.Traditions like meeting the parents also lack the meaning they carry in the U.S., given that our parents remain a more or less constant presence in our lives and usually live close by, if not in our same house (which, by the way, we need to do something about: Costa Ricans live with their parents way past the age they should).This ease is countered by other kinds of constraints.In Costa Rica there are no major dating sites available like This is because this is negatively viewed as a way to promote prostitution.It is true that dating can sometimes feel like pulling teeth, but it is still a little weird to use the same term for getting a cocktail and a root canal.Costa Ricans therefore circumvent the word, saying they are going out, meeting someone or even that they have “ date,” in Spanglish.


  1. Feb 16, 2015. Getting ready for Valentine's Day in Costa Rica, where the dating scene is. For years, Costa Ricans have shunned the use of dating sites.

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  3. In Costa Rica there are no major dating sites available like This is because this is negatively viewed as a way to promote prostitution.

  4. Sep 6, 2012. In addition, many Costa Rican men are either too macho, abusive or have. Contact reputable on-line dating services like Spanish

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