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Dating a hagstrom guitar

It has an excellent tone, both acoustically and plugged in and is capable of covering a variety of applications.You can lean into it pretty well without being overly compressed, and it's fairly articulate when playing fingerstyle songs.Shortly after he went on to join Poison, and later Mr. His solo career has been his shining accomplishment.In partnership with Fender he released this fantastic Tele, built by Fender Japan, which is the same model he uses personally with the only mod being an onboard tuner on his person guitars.I dont know if they all play this nice, but after Martin did his thing, it plays as easily as guitars costing 3X the price. These are getting harder to find and you can expect to pay /each if you can find them.I consider this an excellent deal for the intermediate guitarist at 9(HOLD-Michael M 7/10). Get this pair, new in the box, for just 5(SOLD-Squire M 7/16).I originally sold this 13 years ago in as new condition.

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Any irregularities in the pics are merely reflections; this baby is clean.

Now fasten your seatbelts and let us take you on a ride to explore the Hagstrom range.

You’re about to discover a dazzling assortment of electric guitars, electric basses and acoustics that will whet your appetite to travel to your nearest dealer and try one out today.

One of the best guitarists to bridge hair metal and modern music (jazz, blues, R&B, funk) was Richie.

I remember hearing him when he was a teenager recording on Shrapnel records in the late 80's.


  1. Apr 29, 2008. Can anyone tell me what year my Hagstrom Swede is? s/n is 53 895066. 811050 and would appreciate any information regarding its date.

  2. Collecting everything from Hagstrom Levin Gibson to Fender Guitars to Citroen 2CV's with 'fenders' both ends. I need to know to the date of his fabrication.

  3. Can you date a hagstrom from the serial number? I read recently that the first two numbers are the year, but this seems wrong to me at least sometimes. Is there.

  4. List of vintage Hagstrom guitars, basses, amplifiers and catalogues, with links to further details of each model.

  5. The swedish based manufacturer Hagstrom builds electric guitars and basses since 1958.

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