Dating a quadriplegic

When there is salary, you hear about yearly packages, bonuses, incentives and perks based upon performance.

You have the CEO’s, directors, government employees and many others who earn their salaries, not wages.

Growing up in Brampton, Ont., Dixon’s sex education came entirely from friends (and one incident where, at her mom’s insistence, she and her older brother practiced rolling condoms onto bananas).

As a swimmer, she’d gotten used to using tampons at an early age.

When someone asks your income, if you are in a private or government service, he is obviously referring to your salary.

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There are people who use the terms salary and wages interchangeably without realizing that the difference between the two terms goes beyond monthly earnings.The paycheck (paycheque) an employee gets is always based upon actual number of hours put in by the employee.Salary is a concept that is always either in monthly or annual basis, though it may be paid weekly or fortnightly .But accessing the world of dating and sex felt terrifying.In high school, Dixon wore her prosthetic leg under jeans every day to fit in, but it wasn’t until she was 15, and began competing in Paralympic competitions—where everyone was contending with some type of challenge—that she felt comfortable getting her flirt on.Her right leg is missing, because she was born a congenital amputee.“It looks like I was designed to have one leg, like a mermaid’s body,” she says.Ellen has broken down many stereotypes and has helped change the way people see themselves and others.Seven years ago, Stephanie Dixon, the 17-time Paralympic medallist who was widely considered to be one of the best female swimmers in the world, appeared on billboards across the country.Wages are mostly associated with hourly compensation, and the employee gets money on the basis of number of hours put in by him multiplied by hourly rates.If there is an electrician in a company who puts in 50 hours of work and has a contract saying he would get an hourly rate of , he would get 50×20 = 00 at the end of the month.


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  2. Born with Cerebral Palsy & HIE. Quadriplegic, legally blind, nonverbal, feeding tube.

  3. Was injured in car accident in 1983. She sustained a C-8/T-1 spinal chord injury that left her an incomplete quadriplegic.

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