Dating caminetto pipes

The new models of both Castello and Caminetto appeared less like traditional English shapes and had their own unique characteristics (later to be known here as Italian styling), though the carving styles of these two brands went in different directions.

England’s pipe making industry was well established by the early 20.Less expensive and more readily available than the Castello, the Caminetto won many converts from those who could not find or could not afford the original Castello; while others, who had first tried the Caminetto, made all-out attempts to secure at least one Castello in order to compare.It was also during this period that new shapes and carving styles emerged from within both marques.By this time a Castello “cult” had formed among some pipe collectors.They would telephone tobacco shops all over the United States in order to obtain one or more of these elusive pipes.Sizes: X to XXX, LX (Extra large), ELX (giant), Magnum (Monsters) SG: Sovereign with exceptional grain.Dating: The number stamped indicates the years after 1980.The Ascorti has not yet gained the respect previously held by Caminetto; this will take time.Pipe smokers are most suspicious of any type of change, and when the Ascorti appeared looking exactly like the Caminetto many smokers swore that “it was not the same pipe- that a different type of briar was used; that the quality of craftsmanship was not the same; that the Ascorti did not taste as good as the Caminetto.”in early 1982.The name Chacom is a derivative of the company name Chapuis, Comoy & Cie.Indeed, the current English Comoy and French Chacom a large family business originated in the region of Saint Claude.


  1. Dec 29, 2017. For many, however, estate pipes can seem far more complicated. Tagged in AccessoriesCaminettoComoysCornell and DiehlEstate. Yep, a date coding system for Samuel Gawith blends, broken down into months.

  2. Chacom has a very long history that goes back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, the time when no more bryar pipes were made.

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