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We’re received questions ranging from how one particular speaker may sound versus another, as well as about how cabinets themselves impact the final tone.

These topic areas can be discussed in simple terms or they can be more scientific when one chooses to dig deeper.

Sometimes changes were made for reasons of durability, sometimes for cost-considerations, and other times for both reasons.

Regardless of these factors, while a G12M 25 watter from these two eras for example will sound different, they still inherently contain the basic characteristic tones and voicing of a G12M.

For example, a late ‘60s Celestion 25 watt G12M will sound different from one made in 1979 because the ingredients used in the creation of the speaker changed over time.), all while their old 4 x 12 cabinet sits around waiting. " and you may well hear a reply of, "Oh just whatever Celestions I think." Those that are more educated may be able to tell you which particular Celestion speaker model is in their cabinet, but may not fully understand the crucial significance of tone that one model can have over another.Many of our reader questions become the basis of new articles written and this is certainly an example of one of those.The old adage, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" can definitely be applied to the topic of speakers.Worn or mismatched speakers in wattage or impedance (ohms) are one thing, but different speaker designs also provide dramatic changes in tone and response for guitarists.G12H Family The G12H in its most commonly found form is the 30-watt cousin of the G12M.It has a heavier magnet but also sounds and feels quite different from the M.how much energy it can transfer to sound) of most G12M’s, are several d B’s (average 3-4) lower than many other speakers.The end result is that it is a quieter speaker (at the same comparative output setting on an amp) than others including the G12H or Vintage 30.These are the classic ceramic speakers most widely known and available.Celestion G12M Family, 20 and 25 watt "Greenback" The earliest G12Ms from the mid 1960s were rated at 20 watts and later increased to 25 watts RMS power handling capacity.


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