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· Agenda 21 In New Zealand · Surveillance Society/Police State · 'Terrorism' & Engineered Wars · Eugenics / Depopulation Agenda · Religion As A Tool For Control · Common Law Vs Statute Law · The Climate Change Scam · Chemtrails & Geoengineering · Suppressed Science · Positive New Technologies · Cures, Health & Wellbeing · Dangerous & Dirty Technology · Spiritual Aspects & Metaphysics · The Extra-Terrestrial Presence Recently, the U. Environmental Protection Agency issued a new report declaring that the weed killer glyphosate does not pose any meaningful risk to humans, but the report is not likely to end the debate over the safety of the world’s most widely used pesticide.

“The EPA, in a draft risk assessment report issued on Monday, also said it found ‘no other meaningful risks to human health’ when glyphosate, the world’s biggest-selling weed killer, is used according to its label instructions.”The EPA’s decision conflicts with a March 2015 report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that found that glyphosate “probably” contributes to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in humans and classified it as a ‘Group 2A’ carcinogen Bill Gates, Google’s Brin fund lab-grown meat for the masses Shortly after the IARC review, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), an independent agency funded by the European Union, shot back with their own study, claiming glyphosate is “” Earlier this month, the European Commission renewed the license to use glyphosate for another five years.

age or gender is not an issue Kind of pen pal I am looking for: pen pals or snail mail pals from Europe, south America or Asia pacific region Languages I can read/write: English. Languages I can read: Sinhala, English, and a little French and Korean Languages I can write: English, Sinhala, Tamil I’m a man and I was born January 25, 1955. id: 1801-025 Piumi Thathsarani I’m a woman and I was born June 25, 1994. :) An open-minded Asian girl who loves to meet people and explore the world. I’m interested in calligraphy, photography and of course writing. But I’m ok with a pen pal from other countries also. Currently live at Anuradhapura is an ancient sacred city which has lots of artifacts. Love to have friends from Europe, Australia, USA, Japan and China. I need to learn about different cultures, Languages and a lot. Also greatly enjoy watching TV Shows and Movies, anything really except horror haha.

Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden are the countries I’m looking for. My hobbies are collecting stamps and reading books. id: 1802-019 Rizan I’m a man and I was born November 14, 1995. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I don’t have any girl bestie. Languages I can read/write: Tamil, Sinhala and English. You can send me letter to my address Languages I can read/write: English. About me: I’m a marketing management undergraduate of University of Sri Jayawardanepura, I’m a South Asian and from Sri Lanka which is considered to be the pearl of the Indian Ocean. About me: I’m a graduate and working in the field of research. Especially I prefer South Korean pen pal as I like to learn their language. About me: I am a man and looking for kind of friends who can write exchange gifts, love travelling and also willing to meet near future and have a fun for sake of life. I’m doing my Master’s degree in Applied Electronics. I would like to hear your story and your plans for life. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Everyone who interested in communicating. Anything to do with the outdoors will interest me especially hiking and camping wherever.

Currently now I’m Sri Lanka Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I’m looking for a pen pal who’s nearby my age. Languages I can read/write: English, Tamil and Sinhala. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: From a different country who could tell me about their country and culture etc. I am looking friends between 21 to 30 years looking friends out of Sri Lanka. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: male or female pen pal. Shortly, I’m fond of nature, stars in the night and human nature. But I want to talk something with him especially about their dreams and some of daily life to write long time across snail mail with me. Don’t forget to write me there are few steps to do. I really enjoy sports especially basketball, swimming, football and rugby and I happen to play these as well.

Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Girl from any country. Prepare to how about in our country side So I like to wrote with me a letter... I’m looking for someone who could write me honestly. I am teaching computing for young students and continuing my degree. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I am looking for pen pals who are in age 9 to13. Languages I can read: English, little bit of French Languages I can write: English id: 1510-049 Reesh I’m a woman and I was born July 12, 1997. The most interesting spheres for me are Science, Movies. Yes gender is not important if you girl of boy and elder or younger. I love to help peoples and especially I think it’s my responsibility, as also I love to collection something. Something u want to ask of my life and my living patterns and specials Sri Lankan customs. The plan is to attend university in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Have a great day to all Welcome to Sri Lanka :) Have a happy day I’m a man and I was born May 13, 1970. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I’m looking for sincere kind and sensitive pen pals. About me: simple, cool and fun loving English teacher. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: someone who likes snail mail.

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And I do mail art and making hobbies are painting, snail mail, collecting, photography, cooking, making cards and eating :p I am very friendly and reply to all letters with mail art. She or he interest automobiles, history, travels, nature and photography prefer. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: specially a Japanese who loves to read, write, cooking, nature and teaching. Not for just emailing Languages I can read/write: English, Sinhala. About me: I am friendly, honest person looking for a pen pal in order to enhance my language skills and know different countries.The detailed investigation reveals that nearly every time a Monsanto chemical was receiving negative attention from scientists and researchers, the biotech company would hire its own researchers and firms or pressure government employees until they came to Monsanto’s preferred conclusion.The pressure to approve glyphosate can be traced back to 1983 when the EPA was examining toxicity data supplied by Monsanto.id: 1806-015 Daham Adikari I’m a man and I was born February 11, 1991. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: any kind of pen pal. Specially looking for USA Europe Australia New Zealand. I love to learn new cultures, languages, communities and folklore. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I like most friendly people. id: 1609-058 Nim A I’m a woman and I was born August 3, 1998. (An small Asian island) I’m really interested in snail mailing writing letter exchanging post cards and packages. I’m fun :) Kind of pen pal I am looking for: A pen pal whom I can keep in contact regularly and for long! Languages I can read: English, Sinhala Languages I’d like to write in: English id: 1608-040 Udari Perera I’m a woman and I was born March 30, 1971. I would like to have pen pals, both male and female from any country except from Africa. id: 1602-054 Maleesha Sahan I’m a man and I was born October 5, 1995. I am very interested in science, because I study biology, chemistry and physics as my subjects. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I am looking for a Pen pals from Israel, Kuwait, Asia and European Countries. Right now I’m learning to play the guitar and it’s coming along nicely. Languages I’d like to write in: id: 1403-005 Jehan Perera I’m a man and I was born October 3, 1982. I’m a sport junkie and love playing cricket the most. I have been to many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cyprus. About me: my hobbies are cooking reading tarbelong nature caring. I'm an undergraduate Nursing student in a State University, currently completing the 3rd year. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: would like to have a pen pal from a different cultural set up, so that we would have a lot to talk about, from any corner of the world Languages I can read/write: English. I have done my master’s degree in Business Administration, My interests are travelling, walking through the countryside, reading, gardening, listening to music, shopping and lot more. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Who can write frequently and often, who love to have friends from outside, Who can teach a new language :-) Languages I can read/write: English. I am still studying here in Sri Lanka and I hope to go abroad after finishing my graduate studies. My Hobbies are Writing, Reading, Dressmaking and Traveling. I absolutely love having a good discussion on a movie, or book for that matter. Languages I can read: English and a little Japanese.Despite the EPA’s latest decision, Jennifer Sass, a senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council advocacy group, told ” What data is Sass referring to?She is more than likely talking about an EPA study from the 1980s that found glyphosate does, indeed, increase the likelihood of developing cancer. I like to collect stamps, friendly with friend, read books. No matter about what she’s doing or what she’s having. I am in information technology field working with technology and I am a teacher. I prefer a pen pal from a European country, saying about me I’m the one and only child in my family. I like studying languages, travelling, taking photos, reading, sailing, and writing. Now I’m studying and soon I’ll get enter the medicine offer because it’s my dreams. It’s special and I love to filmmaking and direction too. I’m currently living in Colombo working on an internship but hope to be going back to Ireland later next year. Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I’m looking for a kind lady or girl and also I’m looking for my future partner. I really love to write letters rather than using social medias to find friends its really interesting when you receive a letter from a friend or a loved one it’s like reading a book with pending chapters. Therefore, I’m kind of person who interested mostly in everything. Cinema and music, writing novels and scripts like these. Every Europeans and America and Australia, New Zealand, Canada special UK too. Include these are another world friends are welcome to write me. Yes, I want a friend to tell something specially and think and feel something new. About me: I just finished International Baccalaureate program/high school this year and I’m taking a gap year.This chapter was important in IARC’s assessment of glyphosate, since it was in animal studies that IARC decided there was ‘sufficient’ evidence of carcinogenicity.One effect of the changes to the draft, reviewed by Reuters in a comparison with the published report, was the removal of multiple scientists’ conclusions that their studies had found no link between glyphosate and cancer in laboratory animals.” All this confusion among agencies does not help the average consumer when it comes to safety and health.


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