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Dating customs elizabethan times

His business in insurance became so successful that he dropped out of law school and began working full-time for his father's administration in 1937, first as Presidential Secretary.

He became a commissioned Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps, serving first as an attache to British forces before requesting an active duty post.

FDR welcomed his first son into the world a year after Anna.

Thus Anna was preset at the Yalta Conference and for many of the major political functions during WWII.

A handful of historical authors brave the wilds of unusual settings, times, and characters to create distinctive, exciting novels just outside of the mainstream.

Join us as we chronicle the trials and rewards of our quest - from research and writing to publication and establishing lasting careers. Thus five of his children survived into adulthood, all of whom lived to advanced ages during a tumultuous century.

He eventually published several memoirs, married four times, and fathered seven children.

He died at age 83 in 1991 of Parkinson's, the last of FDR's children.


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