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Dating dark tv program

Yet we feel this is just an indication that the loop we'll see in season two will take place a year after the ones in season one.

So that's 1954, 19, with the script page revealing that the events of the second season will take place – or at least start – in June of each of those periods.

It would be some speedy turnaround for season two to land anytime this year, so it's looking more likely that 2019 is when we'll be returning to Winden, which would be appropriate since 2019 is the main contemporary setting of the first season.

The final scene of the first season saw Jonas wake up in a post-apocalyptic version of Winden, where he's told by a teenage girl: "Welcome to the future." This is likely 2052, but writer Jantje Friese says that season two won't just be following older versions of the characters."We've done our thinking, and the second season would put more light on other people in the character structures we haven't been through that much, while not losing some of the ones that you kind of came closer to.

It's just like creating this world with all these different children.

You like some of them more, some less." vibe, with Jonas and Claudia on the 'Light Side' and Bartosz and Noah on the 'Dark Side', so we'd expect them all to be the main players of season two, although we imagine it's going to be nowhere near as simple as that.

Series producer Quirin Berg said: “There's a narrative dimension that expands so elegantly that you just can't let go and you keep on hoping for the next answer.“I think this power of the mystery is absolutely outstanding and I have experienced this very rarely.”HOW MANY EPISODES WILL BE IN DARK SEASON 2?The first run was available in early December last year and a release around the same time this year might seem a little bit optimistic.A 2019 looks more realistic for season two of the show, which follows the disappearance of a missing child in the German town of Winden.Why did Michael kill himself and why does he always appear to Jonas covered in black goo?Just what is Father Noah's deal aside from kidnapping and killing young boys?However, the complex nature of the plot means that there is a sprawling, ever-expanding web of actors and characters.Many characters appear in different timelines throughout the course of the season, and so are portrayed by different actors, spanning different age groups.But also introducing new ones, while maybe killing some other ones," he teased.So we'll likely be reunited with Jonas, Helge, Claudia, Ulrich, Bartosz, Father Noah, Martha and more who, like in the first season, will be played by different actors in the show's various timelines.While no official call has been made on the date by Netflix, the complicated nature of the plot combined with its high production values, mean that making Dark is by no means a quick task.The good news, however, is that production is well and truly underway, with the team of writers hard at work on the scripts in Berlin.


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  3. Dark was officially renewed by Netflix for season two on December 20 after becoming one of its "most-watched entirely non-English shows", but there was no.

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