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Wc are only impelled by public Confider- ation and public Duty, merely to fiate thofe Fa6is as thry occur, without attempting to hazard or intrude individual Stri Qurcs. THE Merit of £he present "Wort, in Preference to ctiaer Publicationsj is, that whilst the latter contain only detached Parts, leaving the rest unintelligible and In Un- certainty, we have connected the Whole so as to form an interesting Detail of a singular Circumstance of British Ilistor};. J t:j, in any mii'ufe of liis power or authority, irom that pubhc juftiee which was called for by tfie voice of the people. I underftood the exchange was obtained in a ff'gu*. He had thus e\ [plained, he be- lieved, the nature of the power vcfted in the hands of the Commander in Chief ; but l)c could brinj^ po- sitive prooi's lh*nt fuch conunirtions had been fold, and the-, money applied to very different purpofesfrorji the letritimate ones required by the military ufagcs and cftabli'rnments of the country. Tf he could prova that thole purpofes were, in a variety of inftances, abandoned by the Commander in Chief; that officers had been reduced to the haif-paj^ lilt vrilhout receiv- ing the ufua! Clarke communicated any thin^ to you on the fubjed, that the ex'hange was procured by her iniiuence with the Duke of York ? I do not know whether ever fincc that time I had any convcrfarion with Mrs. Major Sinclair had been a confiderable time in the Weft Indies; the climate perfe6tly agreed with his healtli, and therefore he was "defirous of going upon that fervicc, and applied to the Commander in Chief; Major M'Donnel, who was in a puny ftate of health, earneftly applied to the 'Commander in Chief for leave to decline that fervice, apprehenfive of the danger of the climate, and U'ilhing to remain in Knglainl.

He had been mox^ than twenty yearsv not profeffionally, but ^ratuitouflv, in the" fervice of the duke of York, and' he aflbred the hanfo,) hexiid not: mention this from any rain boaft ©t^bcing fo.houonred with the contidence of that II- luftrious Perfon^ but, frmii motives of jnftice, he tboughuitiiis doty -to declare, that he had ever re- cerred the moil nnbonnded confidence from his Kroyal Hig'hnels as to all his- pecuniary affairs; and there.never had been one of his embarrai Tments- which ihe Duke of York ,had ever concealed from hix Ei.. Clarke was not expeded to be able.-'^ expedite the exchange (he would net ha- e been ap- plied to. How many days clapfed between the application to Mrs. Jt wa*^ for the nnrpofe of defraying' tiie charoes of the Half-Pay liit for the fupport of ^eieran officers, and increalinp; tlie Compaifionate 1' undjfor the aid of the widows and orphans of officers ; ;;nd, therefore, any con Kuiiiions which fell by deaths or promotions, the Commander in Chief had no right to fell or difpofe of for his own privine emolument, i M;r tb appropriate for the like purpofe any difference arifmi? Ircm tije chantxe or redu Rion of ollricers from lull to half- pay. Clarke, how- ever interpofeii; — he to pay licr 1000/. Of this money, lie immediately paid 200/; fhortly after he paid her 300/; when flie, finding he was backward in paymeiit, fent to demand the remainder; but, finding no chance of receivinj T it, (he complains to the Commander in Chief, whoimmediaielv put major Shaw upon the half-pay liil. Was the name of the Duke of York mentioned in this con\erfation with Mrs. It i.s impofiible for me to recoiled all the particulars of a co Rverfatiou happening fo long as three or lour years. ij JHe^n-fed the ^^Ord etjidarrajfvtents, becao'fe' they liad been made known even to pnr Uament. ^las It not from her connection with' the Duke of "Vork that it was ex-peded Ihe could have any influence in this matter? Clarke and the appearance of the exchange in the Gaiiette? I was not interefted in the event ; the matter n^-ade little imprci Tjon on my mind ; 1 believe the exchange was a good deal expedited by Mrs, Clarke. On the, acxiuracy'vof jfiis memory in this refpeft, -^He could pofitively and tivmly rely, and cmjld^'truly ■ fa,y,. 1 delivered the mei Tage with which I vas entruftcd. " Thefe intcreft- ing Topics employ the whole Attention of ** a Court, whofe Honour, Integrity, and Difcern- ment will ftii Ter nothing to efcape it^ difcrimir, natinf T Inveftigation." 'O iv PREFACE. Great Kritaiti^ than that we are aboul to nc»- * ^ whofe Exiftenceand Pra6lices have long beeii* fufpe61ed, but never difclofed? She was waited on by colonel French, of the firfl troop of Horfe Guards^ and as the lew went on, ilie received various iums of monev bv colonel French, captain Huxley San- don, Mr. Cockayne, the attorney-of Lyon's Inn, in the following rates, ii'z — for a ma- jority, 900/. He thought it neceflarv to make thefe few obfervations as to what lie knew of the conduci of the illuftrious perfonuoe in queftion : and, iiavinj^ done fo, would not trefpafs further on the time of the houfc, than to fay, he, was very happy the lionourable gentleman had brought th'^m forward, a ( n ) Illuftiious Perfoiia^^c is, air-unit whom tl;t'U* fact^ have been alliidgcd, how nearly he is related the crown, iiow niueh praile he merited for his unre- mitting attention to tiie army, and its moft vital in- terefts, to which the right honourable general had juft before fo forcibly borne tefiimony, and thereby recorded, he thought, tliat merely a connnil Tiou would not be fuflicient to inveftigate a matter of this important nature; but that, wiien the honour of a Branch of the Royal Family was fo deeply concerned, and fo itrongly aliailed, the houfe lliouk Utake up the. efforts of envy :or malignity" were ^eafily traced, and when found out^fflighfc and ought to/be exempb- rily puniihedr He^bad no doubt but that the falfe- hood ^nd malice of the Jtbels alluded to by the right Iionourable gentleman :wx)uld, on the prefent occa* '' fion, meet the fate tkey merited.. honourable f^entjenian moved tliatthe cliairman liionld be recjueilcd to deliic L'r. matter on a higher ground, and on a broader bails, and pafs an act of parliament for a fjjecial commiilion, empowering tiieni to examine perfoi LS who were brought as witnefles, on their oaths. ^i He knew no way in which they had a chance- of doing fo, which ap* peared to him fox«rtain or fo fpeedy, as an invefti- gationof and iaq^tinry into the prefect charges ; and he was to find that the right hononrable gen- tlemen oppo^tejto him were o Fthe fame opinion, f^r. Adam laid,, he gave -Way to the honourable barpnet, inordct that he mighthave an opportunity of thewi-R^, as he had don C) with fomujcn coolnefs, candour, and poiitenefs, tiie motives^vhich induced him lofecond the prefent motion. ex- tremely g ted he had done fo, as the whole, of the honourable ( 19 ) honourable baronet's fentimcnt^ had Ijccn driivcre.' in a manner liie^hlv honourable^ to liim. friend, and had been mvpaiient for a longtime; I knew lirtie of his brother. Robert Knight often by him- felf, and fometiraes in company with his brother. Thynne in future to conline his anhvers to his owi) knowledge offaccs, and not to go into furmifes. Thynne was again called, and admonilhed to tfiat el Fefct. What are the means you underftood flie poflei Ted ? It was undcrilocd at the time Ihc had feme influence with a great perfonage.


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