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Dating guy lower class

The poll revealed that an overwhelming majority of middle class male members of the dating site prefer a working class woman for a fling, with 83.1 percent looking to cheat with a working class woman.

On the other hand, cheating men prefer working class women, with 83 percent of middle class male members of dating site Ashley choosing to have affairs with working class women."This is a reflection of economic hard times as much as confirmation of traditional class stereotypes," said founder of the dating website Noel Biderman, according to the Daily Mail."The working class has been hit harder by the recession than any other sector of society.Every so often, we’re required to attend a work-related charity auction or dinner party, and these affairs usually manage to be both dull and stressful.They’re always predictable: the guests will almost all be couples (single people are looked on with suspicion).And he doesn’t have to worry about losing favor with his boss merely because he doesn’t express the correct opinions or play the right sport.Because he doesn’t have to worry about constantly protecting his professional image, he’s free to have more fun.Apparently, women universally and immutably prefer to “marry up.” We want men who are more educated and earn more money, and this is the single most important trait we seek in a man. My boyfriend of four years—even though he is undeniably gorgeous, kind, and honest—falls much farther down the ladder of social prestige than me. I earned six figures my first year of practice and work in a firm whose letterhead is populated with Ivy League graduates.He gets paid by the hour to work a physically demanding job that doesn’t require a college degree. Which means, according to the evolutionary psychologists, that I should find him roughly as attractive as a serial killer.I’ve always had an easy rapport with men and have never had any particular trouble attracting or holding their interest.And I’ve received plenty of offers for dates from eligible men with the educational pedigree and earning power I’m supposed to swoon over. This perplexes many people, including my own mother.


  1. Jul 10, 2013. The new poll revealed that 67 percent of working class women surveyed described an upper class man as their dream date if they were to enter.

  2. Jan 2, 2016. I often get rude remarks about my background from a guy's family, people have been very gossipy. Like I said I do have working class friends.

  3. Jun 13, 2012. She informed me that her new resolution is to only date someone at her. I nervously asked myself if I was engaging in the class-exclusive.

  4. Apr 25, 2011. One is that I'm a sex fiend and my man is more boy-toy than boyfriend. fact that my guy's working-class job is not some detriment or novelty that I'm. of great guys if they refuse to date outside of their socioeconomic caste.

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