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Dating japan collectibles

Make a note of similar pieces' history and provenance.

Consider hiring a professional appraiser if you are still uncertain about identifying the figurine.

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We don't sell Japanese antiques, but have a wealth of information and guides to collecting Japanese collectibles and antiques that will help in your selection.

Visit museum exhibits and antique galleries in order to see antique Japanese figurines up close.

Netsuke were quite small (only an inch or two high), and often depicted animals.

Ivory okimono, larger than netsuke, were known for their exquisite detailing. Look at price guides and online sites, as well as books about Japanese antiques, to help you identify the figurine.

Many okimono and porcelain figurines with Westernized subjects will date from the later 19th century, and were made for the export market.

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  1. Occupied Japan Collectors, Davis, CA. 1.7K likes. Welcome to Occupied Japan Collectors. Let's share the knowledge and joy of Occupied Japan marked.

  2. The products were made in Japan and were imported for distribution and sold to high end department stores and gift shops. Otagiri products were handcrafted and handpainted. Otagiri products were handcrafted and handpainted.

  3. The Japanese antiques that we are familiar with and the Japanese collectibles that are most often seen in antique stores across the country were strictly produced for export. ©Antique Central 1998-2010

  4. The earliest Japanese figurines were pottery figurines dating from the medieval period. However, most antique figurines date from the Edo 1603-1868 and Meiji 1868-1912 periods, and are made of wood, ivory, bronze or porcelain.

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  6. Zeilen · Backstamps and identifying marks for Japanese collectibles.

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