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That gets even more unsettling when you consider how many underage people play these games, and how much they spend; my own younger sibling, a few years ago, drained 0 from my bank account on Xbox Live purchases.

The issue has come up a handful of times in American courts, but the industry won those cases because digital objects were determined to have no value.With the events of the last few years — from a president’s tweets moving markets, to discourse around online harassment — we’re recognizing, slowly, that what happens online is, for all intents and purposes, real. If you can’t, that doesn’t mean it of forestalling regulation and adverse judgements, and that’s equally critical to understand here.The potential implications of this question are tremendous.But according to some legal experts, that isn’t strictly true.In a recent episode of his podcast, prominent video game attorney Ryan Morrison interviewed another lawyer, Marc Whipple, who has experience in the gaming industry.Rarer items, of course, show up in loot boxes far less often.The rush of buying them and rolling the dice on their contents has been likened to the psychological sensation one feels when gambling.A process that had begun over a decade ago has reached a crisis point.Loot boxes have brought the video game industry to a crossroads, and the path taken now will shape the future of the industry in profound ways.The question of whether virtual goods have “real-world value” is central to a range of ethical questions about microtransactions, and is at the heart of the loot box question as well.In all cases, the motivation behind each mechanic is quite simply a yearning to make as much money as possible.


  1. A collection of loot drops and set bonuses from Aetherian Archive 12 player trial. Special thanks to Heartline for sending me the screenshots. There are 4.

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  4. Striking images show huge sections of the Dublin supermarket's roof completely caved in and the building surrounded by debris after looters allegedly attack the store.

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