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Dating love dating ru

However, unlimited options and complete control comes at a price.There is this notion of “selling yourself” online and so we only show the best parts of ourselves. Arguably, it always has, but even more so today, in the age of the online persona and Tinder.Humans are complex and social media only complicates the issue.It’s a quick, surefire way to weed out people who don’t have the same intentions as you.

While most people are understanding when you don’t meet their expectations, this is not always the case.

Through social media, we can easily interact with people from all over the world.

This abundance of choice makes it easier to connect with new people with similar interests.

Even if they find something (or someone) that meets their standards, they are reluctant to settle, hyper aware of the possibility that they could find a better option.

Arguably, the interconnected nature of social media and online dating has turned most of us into strict maximizers.


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