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Dating marks royal doulton

Copyright dates found on most figures mean that is when the figure model was copyrighted, generally production began one year after the copyright date.

However, the exact date of introduction is not known.

One of the jobs of the Club is to help you identify and date unusual items and find out other relevant information dating royal doulton bunnykins marks referring to the Royal Doulton archives.

The printed dates are usually indicated by Code Numbers beginning with 1 for and up to 30 for Dating royal doulton bunnykins marks special mark used together with the standard Burlsem mark on Morrisian wares.

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The demand for these products was tremendous and within three years Doulton founded factories in Dudley and St Helens to meet the need for pipes and other sanitary ware.Pottery marks may be used by a firm to indicate a quality standard.Hypothetically a firm may use a red mark to note the pieces made with their highest quality clay, a green mark to note pieces made with the lowest quality clay.There are marks that indicate a specific mold called a mold number.These numbers often look like dates such as 1953 or 1789.The color of pottery marks may also demonstrate the years when a firm made particular objects.For instance, Belleek used black and green marks over the years. Some firms use blue, green, and magenta colored marks.You can see an example of this as I talk about shaving mugs and their use and value. Once you understand how to read the language of pottery marks, you will be able to identify and evaluate the pieces in your collection.Get an online appraisal of your pottery piece from Dr. Wondering what those vintage handbags you bought at yard sales and flea markets are really worth? Discover how to identify valuable handbags by their hardware, lining, style and materials including lucite, plastic, snake skin and others types for value.This mark is found on a simulated Chinese dating royal doulton bunnykins marks effect bowl.The year was taken as a convenient cut off point, but in fact figure production was phased out rather than coming to a halt as the war time restriction of decorative china production took hold.


  1. Tips how marks on pottery can show you value, date, country, maker's location. There are as many pottery marks Royal Doulton green mark shown below as.

  2. Guide to dating Royal Doulton Marks and Doulton ceramics. Including. Royal Doulton GRANTHAM D5477 Side/Dessert/Pie Plate Ironstone 1934-1964.

  3. Antique Marks Pottery & Porcelain Marks – Words & Intials – D Marks for. Royal Doulton Ltd. used many different marks and all help to date the ceramics.

  4. The various marks over the years help to determine age and authenticity. Doulton logo, Great source for dating Doulton Lambeth and Royal Doulton pieces.

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