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Dating mistakes women make with men

The guy she’s dating is basically third-wheeled – I try and keep him company because I feel bad for him.” How kind of you!

Ever thought that they already spend a shit load of time together and she doesn’t want to be in the corner alone with him when they go out to see other people? We already know how guys feel about girls who are friends with their exes (not good), and it’s probably the same way you feel about guys who are friends with their exes, which is not good.

“Hell, one of my close girl friends is dating a guy,” he continued, “and whenever she brings him along to go out with me and my friends, she spends the entire time talking with other guys.You don’t get to pay for shit and then complain about it later, sorry. You know like, maybe ones that are out of their league?Or maybe ones that just don’t actually like them and only are keeping them around ‘cuz they are convenient? “[The biggest mistake girls make is] trying to change men,” said Reddit user matthank. If a man isn’t perfect for you when you meet him, don’t waste your time!“[The biggest mistake girls make is] pushing boundaries when it comes to ‘guy friends’ or ex-boyfriends,” says Reddit user Rotion.“I know a lot of girls who will flirt with other guys or stay way too close with exes, under the guise that ‘it’s not technically cheating!“[The biggest mistake girls make is] expecting to be wooed and not expecting, intending, or attempting to do the same to the guy,” said Reddit user Ollivander451.“At least my past three budding relationships have failed primarily because the women wanted to be treated like princesses (I buy the dates, pay them compliments, demonstrate my interest and caring for them), without returning the same back to me.” Guys love saying all women are like this, but did they ever stop and think that maybe they should stop treating women this way if they don’t want to?“Treating men like they are a different species is a big mistake,” said Reddit user Saroufim.“Women and men are just humans with a few differences here and there, but men still have emotions, they still like to feel like they’re being taken care of sometimes, and they don’t have superpowers to solve things that you can’t.” Boys, they’re just like us!“Sex and the City” is the show that Is hookup culture officially over?Maybe not officially (because some of us still just want some quick d), but a recent study conducted by Bumble definitely contradicts our conceptions about online/app dating.


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