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Dating my grandmother

Estate lawyers can help her protect whatever money she has, if she so desires.

This will not only make your uncle feel better, it also gives your grandmother a chance to talk about other end of life issues.

Some of my aunts find this unseemly, though my grandfather died three years ago.On the other hand, like parents, some of the children’s concerns have validity.Whether your grandmother marries this man or a different one, it’s time to make sure your grandmother’s financial affairs are in the order she wants them.Paradoxically, though she is choosing life, it’s an opportunity to talk about death.As for the concerns about Jewish practice, I suspect if you examine the extended family, you’ll find variations in both belief and practice.– I stumbled across a 20-minute video I had taken of you a few years back. It was shocking, at first, to hear your voice streaming from my computer, knowing I'd never ever be able to hear you tell me that the 'country is going to hell in a handbasket,' when you asked me to explain things like Justin Bieber or sexting or the thong that sometimes crept up over my jeans.You're sitting in Grandad's old baby blue La-Z-Boy, talking, oddly enough, about the value of your car ("Only 49,000 miles, mint-condition, and if one of you grandkids wants it, you're going to have to pay me face value! But as you continued talking, only pausing to ask me what that horrible smell was (it was my perfume, you hated it, typical blunt Bette) it suddenly seemed normal.My uncle is worried that this man will take all her money, which isn’t a lot. Her brother is concerned because her new beau is not as observant a Jew as she is.I think my grandmother has a right to live her life.Forgive me.)In the last conversation I had with you before you passed, I promised you I would keep your memory alive.Your voice was so weak – you had just woken up – but you responded, ' I know you will, Andrea.' So in that spirit, I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing a few gems from our conversation.


  1. Dating these days can be frustrating and confusing. With all of the technology, dating apps and hook-up culture. my 85-year-old grandmother.

  2. How I Met Your Grandmother. Surprising. However, she must have been seeing someone else for some of the time she was first dating my grandfather, the minx.

  3. I tried to ask this in the Ask a Girl section but it wouldn't let me. Anyway, this is more directed towards women but how would you react if a man in his late-20s or older told you he lived with his

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