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Dating pickup techniques for men

The PUA is trying to get sex / acceptance / validation / power from women.The naturally attractive Man is trying to create the life he wants.A naturally attractive Man is just doing what he knows to be right, when he wants to do it, because he’s not trying to hide anything or trick her into anything.Leading A PUA does ‘leading’ because he’s thinks it’s an easy way to isolate and demonstrate leadership skills.

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A naturally attractive Man approaches because he sees a woman he wants to talk to and doesn’t let something like anxiety or other peoples judgements stop him from living the life he wants.

A naturally attractive Man is constantly monitoring her to see if she’s the kind of woman he wants in his life.

Perception A PUA worries about what she’s thinking about him.

It happens to be quite impressive because he’s not afraid of putting himself out there and living his life on his terms.

This could seem like DHVing to a PUA but he’s just sharing himself because he like just being himself.


  1. Jan 26, 2014. PUA Master Secret Here With the growing popularity of the seduction community or what most people call, the pickup artist.

  2. Jun 3, 2016. We turned to real women for advice on pick-up lines that actually worked on them. Use these. They might actually get you a date! By Ali Eaves.

  3. Oct 6, 2014. A lot of answers passing judgement on guys who become "PUA's" but no one really. They boil things down to an equation and meeting women/dating doesn't really. I read the materials and tried some of the techniques not successfully but.

  4. A PUA has a series of tricks and techniques to pass her tests because he knows. I had been able to date women and even get married, well before I became.

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