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Question 1: What is the phone number for Waste Connections? On the 8th of June 2018 I mailed check number 6074 in the amount of .31 to you to pay for 3 months of trash pickup. Despite my numerous calls regarding this, you have still not picked up our recycling.

Answer 1: The phone number for Waste Connections is (832) 442-2200. Answer 2: The CEO of Waste Connections is Ronald J. I have been promised and promised and promised and promised you will come but everyday we come home and there sits our recycling.

The next scheduled pick-up is this Thursday the twenty-third of March and I am expecting the same silent, no service treatment leaving me with a worrisome problem that I am unable to correct. BILL MARTS Reply The Co preached safety and fairness that we think is great but seem to pick and choose who they hold accountable.

We had a landfill manager hit an electrical box on a weekend using Co.

Today Waste Connections provides solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal services to commercial, residential and industrial customers. The company operates and owns 58 landfills, 35 recycling facilities, 69 transfer stations, 22 liquid exploration and production waste injection wells, 17 waste treatment facilities, and 20 oil recovery facilities. Local office in Heber Springs Arkansas rarely answers the phone and my experience is that when they do answer all you get is lies from the woman in this local office. I have asked the local company to replace it with a better looking one. We paid for trash and recycling pick up with the old copy, a letter from you stated nothing would change and that you would carry on from the old company.

Waste Connections trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WCN, is #993 in the Fortune 1000, has 6,777 employees, and had .10 billion in revenue in 2014. Tagged as: waste connections address, waste connections corporate address, waste connections corporate office headquarters, waste connections headquarters, waste connections home office, waste connections main office, waste connections office address, waste connections office email, waste connections office fax, waste connections office phone, waste connections office phone number Second complaint about trash not being picked up. Do I need to replace you with a more dependable service? Waste Connections took over and my dumpster or toter was replaced by a much worn one. There has been 8 opportunities to pickup our recycling and you have only done it ONCE without me calling.

The Customer Service Rep made a statement that I can take the re-cycle to the Transfer Station for no charge was like an insult to my intelligence.

I am paying you to pick up the re-cycle but because you didn’t provide that service this week, I can take my re-cycle to the Transfer Station using my time and gas to drive approximately 9 miles one way and you will not charge me for it, what a deal!

They have to be reminded to pay their employees the agreed rate increase after 90 days. I can assure you the customer service reps are doing all they can to assist you. me shes expected me to just not ask questions and “figure it out”. I’ve had to rely on a fellow work mate to show me what to do, and I jumped in and took care of about a month worth of bsck logged work orders and unposted payments that should have been done weeks ago!!

I had to copy the so called user manual and put together my desk, which appears to be a big problem for her, since she tried to say I was not doing what I was supposed to for training. On top of that, this OM is sayingv that I’m not focused, and she pretty much accused me if giving a false interview…what???? The only solid thing she would give me as to why is ” its just not a good fit”….. Also, the vast majority of the calls I took in my time there were complaint calls about poor service.

I am not usually this way, but I told her off in front of her hr lady and let her know that their idea of training sucks, and that there is no way you can even gauge that without at least giving a person a fair shot. Reply I have been a loyal customer to a route you now own for 45 years.

Timber RIdge Landfill Reply Waste Connection Re-cycle Pickup on 12-8-2016 To Whom It May Concern Our household re-cycle was not picked up and it was referred to as that management called the drivers in due to inclement weather, I concur that the weather was not the best of conditions, it was snowing and the wind was blowing 20 to 30 miles per hour but the road conditions were not unsafe for driving.

I know because I was working and had to drive home around 4pm.


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