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Frugal is giving your sweetie a handmade card with her Valentine’s Day flowers.

Cheap is not giving her anything, and winding up back on the Frugal Dating site!

According to a new survey from Zoosk of 7,000 singles and an analysis of over four million dating app profiles, it turns out your food preferences can actually make or break your chances of landing a hottie, because some foods are just sexier than others. Seeing as how millennials are quite literally obsessed with avocados, this isn’t terribly surprising, and I have a feeling that if you write “I’ll buy you guac at Chipotle” in your bio, you’ll get potatoes, because mentioning potatoes increases messages by 101 percent, and any mention of chocolate sees a 100 percent increase.

mention of guacamole will bring about a 144 percent increase in messages. Dating and relationship coach Deanna Cobden told Playboy that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of food when it comes to dating, because food preferences can say a lot about someone.

Perhaps you are the ambitious type who has focused on your career and would now like to find that special someone?

Or you are single, looking and figure that Mom always said it was as easy to “marry rich as it was to marry someone poor.” Well, the Millionaire’s Club is the place for you where the goal is to find love and romance with a wonderful millionaire. The Millionaire’s Club has more than 30k members, perhaps they have your match waiting for you!

That said, if you like avocados, potatoes, or chocolate, you might want to consider bringing it up, because it just might get you a date.In fact, using the word “foodie” will get you 82 percent more messages, but please, use the word wisely, because that word is known to be quite irritating and pretentious if used carelessly.Moreover, if you like to cook, talk about that as well, because that’ll get you 26 percent more messages…but I repeat: speak wisely, because not all foods yield the same results. Probably because the word “yam” is slightly unsettling, but I’m not sure why fried chicken is negative. The study also revealed that 10 percent of women agree that going to a fast food restaurant on the first date is an immediate deal breaker, but sushi dates are A-OK, because sushi is fun, sophisticated, and raw.If your last date didn’t laugh at that last Table of Elements Knock Knock joke, then quite likely someone you meet from this site will.Whether you’re a member of the Alpha Kappa Lambdas or the Phi Gamma Deltas, you know that belonging to a sorority or fraternity is a unique experience.Now before you start giggling at the thought of one frugal person trying to meet another, take in this sobering fact: the typical American home has just over k in credit card debt.That’s enough to have many of us start to think about cutting a few coupons or check to see which restaurants offer 2 for 1 entrée specials for that first date.For instance, the mention of yams was found to messages by 70 percent, and talking about fried chicken decreases messages by 15 percent. “What women want and what they’re settling for is part of this dynamic, many women lower their standards and are settling for Netflix and chill or booty calls that they think are going to end up going somewhere, but usually don’t,” Cobden says.“They really want is to feel loved and adored and have a man put an effort into them. As much as I hate to admit it, it's not the hottest thing in the world to see the person you're about to hook up with for the first time tear into a chicken wing, the sauce running down his fingers and smeared around his mouth.Not to say there aren’t good men out there, because there, but it’s up to women to let him know what she wants so he can step up.”Here’s another fun fact: 34 percent of singles said dessert is one of the sexiest things you can order on a date, followed by wine and cheese, ice cream, oysters, and fondue. It's all fine and dandy after a few dates, but maybe you should hold off on the wings on the first date. You may be eating soup for one, but you’re certainly not alone. One of the most popular ways to dip your toes in this dating pool is to turn to online dating. With people spending longer hours at work, social circles getting smaller and getting harder to meet someone simply “by chance,” we’ve got to get out and mingle somehow. “There’s a lid out there for every pot.” The dating sites we’ve found certainly prove that, as they are err, quite unique to say the least.


  1. Mar 20, 2015. The dating sites we've found certainly prove that, as they are err, quite unique to say the least. What a terrific idea, a dating site for foodies!

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