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Dating violence helpline

You can listen to Colin Shevills of Balance North East talk about the survey on our podcast by clicking on the Soundcloud link below. A six-year analysis of nearly 2,000 schoolchildren and their parents in three Australian cities revealed there were ‘no benefits’ to introducing alcohol to teenagers at home, and that doing so only encouraged them to seek it elsewhere.

The proportion of children who accessed alcohol from their parents rose over the period, from 15% to 57%.

Other articles include: a promise of a helpline from the Health Secretary to NACOA; Diageo pirate character forced off social networking site; a row breaks out between public health charity and industry funded body in the aftermath of an alcohol labelling report.

Please click on the article titles to read them, or alternatively download a PDF version of our newsletter by clicking on the cover image. Top of page – An Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) commissioned survey shows that only 16% people are aware of the weekly alcohol guidelines, two years after the guidelines were announced.

Welcome to the November 2017 edition of Alcohol Alert, the Institute of Alcohol Studies newsletter, covering the latest updates on UK alcohol policy matters.

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At the end of the study, 25% of the teens given alcohol by their parents admitted to binge drinking (defined as consuming more than four drinks on a single occasion). The rates of self-reported binge drinking and alcohol-related harms among children who obtained alcohol from other sources were 62% and 72% by the end of the study.‘In addition, the government should develop national information campaigns, informing the public and parents of the guidelines for both adults and children.’ Knowledge of old guidelines also lacking The AHA survey was followed by a separate investigation into the public knowledge and use of the old UK drinking guidelines, published in .Researchers gathered a demographically representative, cross-sectional online survey of 2,100 adults living in England in July 2015 – that is, two decades after adoption of previous guidelines and prior to introduction of new guidelines.This guideline was announced by the UK’s Chief Medical Officers in January 2016.For children, the official advice is that an alcohol-free childhood is best, due to evidence of a wide range of short term and long term harms linked to children’s drinking.From both parents and other sources, the rates were 81% and 86% respectively.The researchers concluded that ‘there was no evidence to support the view that parental supply is protective for any of the adolescent drinking-related outcomes.’ Professor Richard Mattick of the University of South Wales, who led the research, said: ‘Parental provision of alcohol is associated with risk, not with protection.The scheme includes: The report was borne out of a survey of 1,800 adults – originally commissioned in partnership with The Portman Group.However, the industry-funded group has moved to make alcohol labels even less informative to the public than they are at present, by releasing new guidance to manufacturers in September 2017 that no longer includes the Government’s low-risk drinking guidelines as a required element.In England, the Chief Medical Officer says that if children do try alcohol, they should be at least 15 years old, and be in a supervised environment.The recommendation that an alcohol-free childhood free is best is based on the fact that young people are physically unable to tolerate alcohol as well as adults, and young people who drink are more likely to engage in unsafe sex, try drugs, and fall behind in school.


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