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Dating with out drama

Posted by Sandy Weiner in dating in midlife, understanding men over 40 | 0 comments — [NOTE: Today’s guest post is by Camie Vincent, aka Lady Love, an upcoming guest on my radio show.] I once saw a video on that basically said men considered ALL women to bring some amount of crazy and drama to a relationship.

Some more than others, and if a man was lucky enough to find a woman who rarely unleashed that side of her, hold on tight, because she is a mystical unicorn who surely would be highly sought after!

I exhale loudly into the receiver of my cell phone and spit out the gist of the tale he just recanted.

“She broke into your home, has threatened ”“Yeah,” my old roommate mutters sheepishly, “You were right about that military/crazy thing.”“Oh, this has nothing to with the military….” I say as I imagine a young woman with a vendetta breaking down a door and stealing my clothes.

In every healthy relationship I’ve had (including my wife), we spent time away from one another and engaged with our community of friends.I don’t do awkward silences well, so I ask the next question that pops into my mind.“So, why’d you stay with her so long in spite of all the crazy?”But the question to that answer, Meagan Prins), so I reaped some of what I sowed.Once they are dating you or married to you, they want things to go as smoothly as possible. Today, I’m going to go over some of the things women do that men file in the drama category and may just as quickly lock it and throw away the key!While it’s not realistic to think relationships will go on without any problems, what I’m talking about here is unnecessary issues that seem to pop up too often. I’m going over them so you will be aware if you may be seen as a “drama queen.” Which hopefully, you are not and this will just be a quick reminder of some tips from the “don’t do” list for dating.If I’ve helped you become aware of these behaviors, that’s awesome.You’re trying to work toward having a happy, healthy union with a quality man.At times, dating can be challenging and I want you to be successful while dating, so you find someone you can’t wait to talk to every day.Here are a few I can think of; chaos, problems, conflict, exaggeration, issues, etc.It starts off innocently enough, wanting to spend time, getting to know one another, and humorous little jabs about how we’re “missed” when we’re gone more than a few hours.This will quickly devolve into her spending every waking second wondering why you haven’t called or texted, berating you because your lack of time together shows you “and it’s poisoning not just her, but you too.


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  2. May 14, 2014. What is dating without drama or dating with dignity actually all about? My method assures your dignity remains intact always. Men don't forget.

  3. Aug 22, 2007. Don't date if you feel cynical, jaded, or bored with dating. Doing so would just draw in people who validate and in fact, exacerbate what you.

  4. OK ladies, so do you think YOU bring drama to dating and relationships? I'm sure most of you will quickly say, “NO.” Each and every one of us has had different.

  5. Nov 29, 2017. One of the biggest sources of dating drama is ignoring the fact that men and women think, act, and communicate differently. Without realizing it.

  6. Jun 18, 2012. Visit - Dating Without Drama - Paige Parker Dating Tips Watch this Free Presentation to Discover the #1 Lie ! How to.

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