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Dating woman looking dating site for muslim

If it is a portal for serious, long term relationships, try to create a profile that would make you appear husband material and emphasize qualities like material security and trustworthiness.

On the other hand if you have posted your profile on a casual dating site, it would make more sense to highlight your looks and sex appeal.

Thus among the aspects in your profile you would do well to highlight is your reliability.

Do not insist on knowing your partner’s phone number or home address if she is not keen on giving them out herself.

Your financial prowess No matter what kind of relationship a woman is looking for – long term or casual – it never hurts to let them know you have greenbacks.

Financial prowess scores high with women since it guarantees that not only her needs will be looked after but that she will be wooed in style as well.

And finally let her pick the place and time so that she feels confident of being safe with you.Most women who are smart and financially independent are not looking to get hitched or sleep with a guy after the very first date.They are seeking someone who can give them sparkling conversation and generally an enjoyable time.Your sense of humor Every woman wants to be dated by a guy who is fun to be with and not someone who is merely looking to flaunt his ego or unburden his woes on a date.Thus if you can create a dating profile that is humorous, witty or even wacky, it is sure to get noticed.Your potential as a partner Today there are various kinds of online dating sites, those that range from offering marriage partners to casual hook-ups and even extra-marital lovers.Thus what a woman is looking for in a profile depends to a large extent on the kind of site you are both members of.However in your desire to appear funny, be careful to avoid politically incorrect or chauvinist jokes since these can appear in bad taste.Your good intentions Safety is a major concern with women who are looking for dating partners on websites.However stay away from the temptation to lie outright about your job title or post a photo with you posing against your employer’s Ferrari.This is a charade that is impossible to keep up for long and sooner or later, you will have to come down to your true level.


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