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When he's in close range, utter a husky "Hey there, gorgeous" and press your body up against his. Wrap your hand around the nape of his neck and pull his face gently toward you.

This is key for creating intimacy: You don't want to strike the disastrous A-frame pose (think lips together, hips miles apart), according to William Cane, kissing coach and author of Okay, bodies meshed? When your mouths finally meet, maintain a strong but closed-lip seal for up to 10 sultry seconds.

The hot hello actually starts long before your lips meet. Maybe he's working his way across the bar, maybe he's standing on your doorstep.

You lock eyes, flash him a smile, and slowly begin your approach, maintaining eye contact the whole way.

Tip: Keep your tongue reined in; this kiss should shoot straight from the lip.

Hey, there'll be plenty of time for tongue twisting at the end of the night — keep him in anticipation of what's to come as you pull away. You swear you hear music building in the background.

Cade took one last shot at a sports career in 2003, after he was released by the 49ers.

"The idea is to tease your partner in a way that shows him what's in store for later but also lets the tension mount." So give him some sugar…just enough to totally satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Hot Hello The quick "Hi, honey" peck is no way to rebond with your babe, whether you've been missing him since your morning bagel or last Saturday night.

Set the tone for your time together with a kiss that makes him think, Oh you "A high-energy hello smooch is the ultimate way to communicate that excitement and foreshadow the fun to come." Plus, when he kisses you back with the same degree of desire, you'll feel that love rush too.

Sure, you could pull him into the ladies' room and ravish him.

But we recommend building up to the impending erotic Olympics with a little pregame PDA.


  1. Oct 3, 2009. "When a couple is feeling that paralyzing surge of passion, words just get in the way," says Liz H. Kelly, dating couch and author of Smart Man.

  2. Nah nyatanya, menurut James Preece, seorang dating couch asal Inggris, membicarakan hal yang bersifat terlalu pribadi justru sebaiknya.

  3. Apr 22, 2016. The founders envision multiple use cases for their platform, such as hiring, dating, couch surfing, professional networking or finding college.

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