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Objective: Do as many normal – and abnormal – things in 21 days as possible to find some good specimens.Criteria: My ideal must a) demonstrate a high level of empathy; b) show universal reciprocity; c) balance the social norm with being his own person; d) be skilled at building harmony, both inner and outer. Experiment 1: Krishna love If someone is a vegetarian or vegan for religious reasons, is that good enough for me?Toronto Star Dating Diaries: Paul and Georgina Toronto Star I met Georgina through work.She was beautiful and seemed extremely smart and nice. With this in mind, I decided to join a conversation she was having with other coworkers about a contest.

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Upon actually packing up, though, is when I got the most interesting glances. Upon later debriefing, I realised this had been the most unlikely of ways to catch my vegan mate – since it typically takes a German man six months to give even the slightest hint he’s romantically interested in you.

To find out, I pedalled up to the Reinickendorf address listed on the Hare Krishna Berlin’s temple website for the weekly Sunday ceremony: singing, dancing and a vegan dinner.

Upon entering the building, I came under the wing of another woman in her thirties, who showed me to the temple room, which had a light, joyous vibe, with instruments and prayer books strewn about and people sitting comfortably on floor cushions.

I think I speak for everyone when I say dating sucks.

It’s complicated, it’s awkward, and it gets super confusing, especially in the age of casual sex and online dating. I understand that I am not what society deems a sexy and beautiful woman.


  1. The very first post I wrote on this blog was inspired by the very first journal entry I ever wrote. It must be at least five years ago now when I sat down and, in true Bridget Jones style, I assessed the quality of my life.

  2. Toronto Star Dating Diaries Paul and Georgina Toronto Star I met Georgina through work. She was beautiful and seemed extremely smart and nice. I

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