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Through this work, she often contacted Klingons within the Klingon Empire who, years later, would help her locate a Klingon penal colony, Rura Penthe.(") One of T'Pol's first assignments for the Ministry was to retrieve seven rogue agents who refused to return to Vulcan.Facebook and other social media networks could be the best tool for this.Also, try to publish information about relevant groups.Directories There are plenty of directories where you could publish information about Keep an eye on the quality and level of traffic of the directory before submitting your website there. Use Pingdom to test the availability of your websites or diagnose the speed of individual page components including .img, Java Script, and HTML Code. Use Google Analytics to know how many visitors visited your website and how they are using your site or app.What if she used to be a La'Femme Nikita-type character? 25) Later in her life, T'Pol served the Vulcan High Command's Science Council aboard the starship Seleya.She acted as the ship's deputy science officer, working under Captain Voris and alongside Chief Engineer Commander Solin.

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( During her early career, T'Pol operated as an agent with the Vulcan Ministry of Security.

Like him, she believed that Humans were too "volatile" and "provincial" to leave their solar system.

(") One night in 2150, T'Pol left the Vulcan Compound and went south to stroll the streets of San Francisco.

There, she used her prior experience with alien cultures to lead the Humans through much of the investigation.

She subsequently took command of Enterprise, when Archer was incapacitated, and anticipated the captain's wishes, pursuing the investigation despite her personal belief that it was a "foolish mission." Upon the captain's recuperation, T'Pol aided Archer both in uncovering a plot by the Suliban Cabal to destabilize the Klingon Empire and successfully returning Klaang to his people.


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  2. Dating human cultural capacity using phylogenetic principles J. Lind 1,2, P. Lindenfors, S. Ghirlanda1,3, K. Lide´n1,4 & M. Enquist1,2 1.

  3. Request PDF on ResearchGate Dating Human Bone; Is Racemization Dating Species Specific? Our recently developed dating technique based on the.

  4. Here of some of the well-tested methods of dating used in the study of early humans Potassium-argon dating, Argon-argon dating, Carbon-14 or Radiocarbon.

  5. The history of life on Earth began about 3.8 billion years ago, initially with single-celled prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria. Multicellular.

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